The Naughty One Strikes Again

No price for guessing who right? One evening when we came back from dinner, I saw my little air plant lying on the floor, with the stone pot turned upside down somewhere at a corner. Alas, I knew right away that Sheldon has climbed onto the table and took down this air plant of mine.

This little plant actually was part of a bigger round air plant the size of a small cantaloupe melon. It was hanging together with my Spanish moss but one day, it fell. I didn’t realize it until I went outside to the porch and saw Sheldon lying down while nibbling at a ‘ball’. To my horror, I saw my air plant broken into many pieces and ‘dismantled’ by Sheldon.

It tried to salvage what’s left and put the air plants separately in different pots. I put a few on the table and more on top of my shoe cabinet. Sheldon has actually climbed onto the table and took down the air plants twice. I have given him some warning but it did not work. He is just hell-bent on destroying my precious plant. He is always up to mischief whenever we are asleep at night or when we are out. I really don’t know when he will grow out of this phase!

Him looking innocently.

My baby with some broken pieces.

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