A Little Update

Wow, I cannot believe it that I have no updated my blog for almost a month. Life has been busy and hectic for me. We decided to paint the exterior of our house a few weeks before The Chinese New Year. Who would have thought that there are so many things to do and clean up. It was tiring to clean up every day after the workers have left for the day.

On top of that, there were lots of cleaning to be done around the house to welcome the new year. I usually wash all the windows, fans, mop the floors, wash the toilets, scrub the kitchen and wipe the walls like one week before the new year. I did not realize that I was stressed out with all these and I started to experience headaches. After enduring the headache for 24 hours, I checked my blood pressure and was shocked that it was 170/90. I have never had high blood pressure before.  I quickly went to see the doctor the following day and he started me on medication immediately to bring the pressure down.

The doctor told me that lack of sleep which I was experiencing 2 weeks prior to this episode can also elevate the blood pressure. He then also prescribed me with a relaxant (Alpraline) for 3 nights so that I can sleep well. I had a good sleep after taking it.

Luckily my blood pressure is normal now with the medication. I have to learn how to take things easy and not so stressed up anymore. Age is catching up.

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