Family Mart x Pokemon Collaboration

Our family is a big fan of Family Mart. We just love going to the Family Mart near our home for their oden, crispy chiki, sofuto and coffee. Recently, we were there for a quick dinner and I ordered the hot snack. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the food came in this cute and colourful Pokemon-themed packaging.

Cute right? I felt bad throwing it away.

Missy ordered the Gengar’s Treat Sofuto which is actually Blueberry soft serve and it came in purple, her favorite shade.

Also available are Bulbasaur drinks such as Bulbasaur Passion Pine, Bulbasaur Avocado Latte, Bulbasaur Avocado Milk Tea and more.  If you are a Pokemon friend, head over to your nearest Family Mart and check out the Pokemon-themed foods and drinks.

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