I Bought Myself New Gadget For Health

I have gone back to walking as my workout routine. A few years ago, I started running for health but much later, I developed ‘Runners knee’ where there is pain around my knees. It could be due to aging or imbalance of muscles.  So, I decided to stop running and walk instead. When the pandemic arrived, I stopped walking because of the lockdown and I also have this fear of going out. This has caused me to be lazy. Once in a while, I would go for a walk but there was no motivation.

Last month, hubs started to walk almost every day after work. That gave me a push and I decided to follow him to the park in the evenings. I target to walk at least 3 times a week and I even bought this Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3 Active to motivate me to count my steps.

For RM124, this smartwatch is very affordable. It packs in a fair amount of features for tracking fitness. With a built-in GPS, it can also track my heart, blood oxygen and stress. It also records the sleep duration but I haven’t worn it to sleep yet but I would want to try it one day.

What I love about this smartwatch is its large 1.83″ LCD display. It supports magnetic charging and has 12-day battery life. The Redmi Watch 3 Active is waterproof and can be worn in swimming pools and shallow pools but it does not have swimming as a sport. It has Running, Treadmill, Walking and Outdoor Cycling.

This was taken on the first day I wore my Smartwatch

I am gradually increasing my steps during my walk. My target is to achieve 10K steps each time.

I managed to walk 10K steps two days ago. Woo Hoo! I hope to maintain this every time I workout if the weather permits. Usually the sky is gloomy in the evening and I am scared of walking around the trees when there are lightnings.

I am slowly but surely discovering my love for walking again. I enjoy walking alone with my Spotify playlist plugged in. Walking helps to calm my nerves to reduce stress and boost my mental health by pushing my brain to release endorphins.

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