Get Glowing Skin For Your Prom With These Simple Steps

With spring here, it means the school year is coming to an end. This also means that the night that high-schoolers is waiting for, is right around the corner. It is none other than Prom night. As this is a special occasion for most high school students, many would want to look their best during this important event. The girls will go all out to find the perfect dress with shoes and accessories to match.

If you are going to prom and want to be camera-ready for this important night, you would need more than a great outfit. What you need is healthy and glowing skin. Having healthy skin is the best accessory for any occasions, whether you have makeup on or not.

How To Have Healthy Skin Before Prom Night

When it comes to preparing your face for prom, you can start with a simple routine. Choose products that are good for your skin type. Establishing a consistent routine is important for healthy and glowing complexion.

Cleanse Your Face

Try a cleanser that is gentle enough to remove dirt, oil and makeup from your skin. Use single use face towels to pat your skin dry after cleansing. Avoid using regular towels as they absorb water and remain damp for hours, and this is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. When you re-use towel, you are transferring these harmful micro-organism to your face and may cause breakouts and acne.

Alternatively, you can also use the disposable face towel from Ditoibeauty to clean your face with a cleanser. Wet the disposable face cloth and wring out excess water. Then pour some cleanser onto the towel and gently massage your face using circular motions. Then rinse your face and use a new disposable face cloth to dry your face.

Moisturize Your Face

Apply moisturizer within minutes after cleansing for optimum absorption. Massage the moisturizer onto your damp skin, to help retain the moisture on the skin’s surface.

Mask it

One or two week before prom night, use a mask that is ideal for your skin’s needs. If you have oily or blemish prone skin, go for clay masks as they will help to reduce oil and dry out acne. For normal or dry skin, go for masks that soothe and hydrate the skin. Applying mask a few weeks earlier before prom night will allow the build up of color on your skin gradually.

Drink Enough Water

Water is essential if you want beautiful glowing skin. Dehydration can cause your face to look dull so make sure you drink lots of water weeks before prom so that your skin is healthy for the big day.

Sleep and More Sleep

Having lack of sleep is bad for the skin. It can leave you with dark circles and eye bags. When you sleep, your skin will restore and renew itself to give it a gorgeous glow. Have an appropriate sleeping schedule of at least 8 hours a night before prom.

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