Get Motivated With Trendy Workout Shirts For Women

The days of throwing on a baggy cotton T-shirt and a pair of old shorts for working out are long gone. Today, there is a myriad of workout shirt, shorts and leggings in all kinds of design and colors for women. These exercise gear change are available with thoughtful designs that go with the trends and also make your attire both comfortable and functional. 
When it comes to finding the best gym clothing for women, you would want something that is stylish, functional and fits well. Being intentional about what you wear for your workout class, gym or run outdoor does have its advantages. Your workout clothes have the power to impact your mood, performance and motivation.
How Does Your Workout Gear Impacts Your Performance And Motivation
A well-fitted workout attire such as workout shorts and workout shirts for women that are not only comfortable and functional, they can also enhance your confidence to push you through roadblocks to reach your fitness goals. 
If you find yourself dreading the exercise, you may want to practice enhancement dressing or dopamine dressing. So what is dopamine dressing? In a nutshell, it it means dressing for joy. Wear the clothes that can boost your happy hormone. Choose gym shirts and leggings or shorts with vivid colors to promote the release of dopamine and this will optimize your mood. 
If you go into your first yoga or HIIT class wearing a random t-shirt and an old pair of shorts or leggings, there is a good chance that you are not going to feel your most confident self. Your clothing choices can reflect how you feel about yourself. Research shows that having positive feelings about what you wear has been linked to having  positive views of your own emotions, sociability, and work competency. If you wear a workout attire that you are comfortable with, you are likely to feel more self-assured and at ease. This will give you a confidence boost and better performance. 
Just like the equipment you would use at the gym, your clothes should be taken as an important tool that will help you perform well. Your outfit should be clean, well-fitted and designed for working out. IronPandaFit has got you covered when it comes to exercise wear. They offer a wide selection of new and fresh gym tanks, gym shirts, crop tops, sweatshirts, shorts, leggings and more.
From lightweight gym rocker tank, t-shirts and gym leggings to fashionable crop tops and hoodies made from high quality fabrics, there is something for everyone. 
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