Birthday Cakes For The 19 Year Old

So someone turned 19 a few days ago. Time flew by so quickly and I can’t believe it that missy is almost an adult. This is her last year as a teenager.

As always, she is very blessed to have so many people celebrating her birthday. Besides gifts, she also had 2 birthday cakes. One was from her beloved aunts and one from Aunty Annie.  She has been dreaming of having an old school cake with lots of icing and her aunt scoured everywhere to look for this type of cake. My sister found one from a homebaker. This is the old school Hello Kitty cake for the 19 year old. Hello Kitty is her favorite character at the moment.

See how cute this cake is? It reminds me of the cakes I grew up eating. It is a small size cake and guess what? Missy finished about 80% of the cake. The 20% were given out to the family members at the dinner.

This is the bunny cake or bunny tart from Annie. It is from Delectable and Annie wanted to get her this cake because of the cute bunnies. The flowers around the cake are edible but she didn’t eat them. Also, missy ate the whole cake which took 3 days to finish.

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