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Branded Clothes For Less

Remember the stall that sells branded clothes at the market that I frequent?  Well, recently I found some good buys too.  This stall brings in brand new clothes from the factories in Bangladesh that produce clothes for brand names likeH&M, … Continue reading

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My Favourite Kind Of Food

This week has been a short work week because of Labour Day and Hurry Raya. Was back to work on Thursday and boy was it a stressful one because I had to prepare a tender that is due next Monday. … Continue reading

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Tree Planting Activity At Taman Tugu

Missy was scrolling Tik Tok one day and chanced upon a post by one influencer who went to Taman Tugu 2 weeks ago for a tree planting activity.  She would love to learn more about how to plant a tree … Continue reading

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Getting Some Vitamin D

Last Saturday, I asked missy to go to the stadium with me so that she can practice her skateboarding.  This month, her lessons have stopped as her coach is fasting due to Ramadhan.  She didn’t want to go at first … Continue reading

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Best Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift 2022

Mother’s Day is certainly not the only day we should celebrate the incredible women in our lives, whether she is our aunt, grandmother, friends, but it is also a good excuse to shower them with gifts.  Beautiful flowers and chocolates … Continue reading

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Reasons Why People Love Seafood Restaurants

Many people eat seafood for various reasons, but what makes them so popular? Consumers are attracted to seafood, whether it’s the taste, texture, or overall quality. And as the consumption of seafood increases, so do the health benefits. In this … Continue reading

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Food Truck At The Space, Sri Petaling

Recently hubs saw a sharing on Facebook regarding food trucks operating in Sri Petaling, which is quite near us. The food trucks are parked in an empty lot just opposite The Pinnacle condominium block. We decided to check it out … Continue reading

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Fast And Easy Way To Get Car Insurance Quotes Online In Malaysia

When it comes to car-related matters, my husband is the one who is in charge, whether it is to renew the road tax, car insurance or sending our cars for servicing.  I still remember last year when one of our … Continue reading

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Best Waist Trainers You Can Buy Online

Waist training is all the rage now, thanks to celebrities like Jessica Alba and the Kardashians who swear by it.  They have been flaunting their hourglass figures on social media that were achieved by wearing a waist trainer. If you … Continue reading

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Air Fryer Pasta Snacks

While scrolling Tik Tok, I saw many people cooking (or frying) Pasta Chips.  It is one of the latest TikTok trend to make chips from cooked pasta. I decided to give it a try since we have an Air Fryer.  … Continue reading

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