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Surprises On My Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and I received 2 surprises at work. When the delivery guy called to tell me that there is something for me from Keto Sis, I was puzzled.   He said he was already at my office … Continue reading

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The Best Shapewear To Make Women Feel Their Best

By this time, most of our lingerie closet is already stocked with different types of comfortable underwear.  Besides that, it should also be filled with great shapewear pieces.  Shapewear can help us feel and look our best.  This piece of clothing … Continue reading

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Be Kind

A friend shared this on Facebook today and I want to share it here as a reminder.  All of us are in this together but we are not going through the same thing.  Just be mindful and be kind.

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The Importance Of Choosing Organic Skincare

I do not use a lot of makeup but I only leave my house when I put on my eyeliner, draw my eyebrow and put on my lipstick.  My skincare routine is very simple and I only use a rather … Continue reading

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Visiting Zoo Negara On The Last Day Of 2020

My friend asked us if we would like to go to Zoo Negara again with her and her children on New Year’s Eve and we quickly said yes.  The last time we went to the zoo together was 4 years … Continue reading

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Fall/Winter Tops And Sweater Guide

It is important to have good quality and functional basics in your closet no matter the season.  With these styles, you will be able to create a variety of looks and get tons of wear out of each individual piece.  … Continue reading

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How To Style Casual Sneakers With Dresses

If you grew up wearing a pair of Converse or Nike sneakers, you already know that the right sneakers can make a statement.  In fact, sneakers can be the difference between a basic outfit or a chic outfit.  The humble … Continue reading

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My Sensitive Hand

I have been sanitizing my hands frequently with sanitizers that contain alcohol and this is what happened to my fingers …… My hands become dry and coarse, and the skin on my fingers cracked.  This usually happens when I use … Continue reading

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Spark Some Joy In Your Life With A Charm Bracelet

Jewelry of all kinds can elevate your outfit and make a person look and feel his or her best. By wearing unique pieces of jewelry, one can look and feel even better.  Having one-off or personalized jewelry allows you to … Continue reading

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Fashionable Jewelry That Can Elevate Your Outfit

Although we are all practicing social distancing and staying home as much as possible, that does not mean you cannot dress up with some of these pretty winter jewelry trends,  like chunky gold chains or cute rings. Every time when … Continue reading

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