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The Best Skateboard You Can Buy From Decathlon For Beginners

As you know, missy has started taking Skateboarding lessons at the Bukit Jalil Skatepark a month ago.  She has been using a No Fear Skateboard but according to her coach, that is not a good one for beginners.  He recommended … Continue reading

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Best Tactical Clothing You Can Buy Online

Not too long ago, the only people who used tactical gear were those who actually needed it. like the armed forces or military.  Now, the times have changed and tactical gear has provided the fashion industry with utilitarian inspiration and … Continue reading

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Spark Some Joy In Your Life With A Charm Bracelet

Jewelry of all kinds can elevate your outfit and make a person look and feel his or her best. By wearing unique pieces of jewelry, one can look and feel even better.  Having one-off or personalized jewelry allows you to … Continue reading

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Fashionable Jewelry That Can Elevate Your Outfit

Although we are all practicing social distancing and staying home as much as possible, that does not mean you cannot dress up with some of these pretty winter jewelry trends,  like chunky gold chains or cute rings. Every time when … Continue reading

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Trending Engagement Ring For 2021

The proposal season has arrived.  Are you planning to pop the big question?  This means that there will be an engagement in the future.  You might be starting to think about buying engagement ring with your partner or just to … Continue reading

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Best Men’s Jewelry For 2021

Although men have been wearing accessories like earrings or chains for a while now, but it has not been until recently that men have begun to wear more jewelry and showing them off. In the last decade or so, men’s jewelry … Continue reading

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Gifts That Brighten Up Our Days

A few days ago, DCR Marketing Sdn. Bhd, the sole distributor of Natural Life products couriered a couple of items to me.  I was so happy to receive the beautiful and uplifting items.  Scroll down to see what I received:- … Continue reading

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Must Buy Halloween Jewelry To Treat Yourself

The spooky time of the year is almost here. Halloween is one the favorite times of the year.  From a huge amount of candy and treats to a wide range of costume available, the holiday is a fun time to … Continue reading

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Where To Buy Tactical Clothing Online

Very often when people hear the words tactical gear, they instantly picture army clothing.  This is normal because tactical gear often refers to weapons, tools and clothing used in the military or armed forces.  In recent years, tactical gear has … Continue reading

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Gifts For Her

Buying something for that special lady may be hard for most men. No matter the occasion, there is a lot of pressure to make sure you get the perfect thing. If you’re struggling to come up with a gift, here … Continue reading

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