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Have Some Fun This Holiday Season With Matching Family Shirts

The holiday season is here and it is fun to shop for many festive looks. Christmas features many traditions and festivities to make it more special and celebratory. From setting up the Christmas tree and baking gingerbread cookies to wrapping … Continue reading

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Matching Family Outfits For Every Occasion

Are you planning to take a family portrait and are looking for something that is stylish or trendy to coordinate your family’s outfits for this special occasion? There is one charming and heartwarming appeal trend and it is no other … Continue reading

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Affordable Appreciation Gifts For Teachers

Teachers spend a lot of their time and love into the students they see every day. So if you want to return the favor by showing your appreciation to these educators, why not get them a gift?  The best teacher … Continue reading

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Adorable And Cheap Baby Fashion Online

One of the things that never fail to make our hearts flutter is looking baby clothes. They are just too adorable. Whether you are waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive or looking for the perfect gift for a … Continue reading

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A New Chapter For Her

I have been busy preparing for missy’s moving in to the dorm for the past week or so. Her foundation course started at the end of April and she has been taking the free bus service provided by the uni … Continue reading

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Adorable Children’s Clothing You Can Buy Online 2023

Seeing their children grow day by day brings parents tremendous joy and one of the enjoyable things of being a parent is dressing up your child in cute and trendy clothes.  As a matter of fact, many parents enjoy being … Continue reading

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Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas 2023

Teachers are often called superheroes and honestly, there is no better label. Not only are they an important figure in a child’s life, teachers have gone through so much in the last couple of years when they had to go … Continue reading

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Free Interactive Money Games Online

When Ashley was little, I did not really teach her about money or help her to build a responsible understanding of financial literacy. Now that she has become a teenager, she enjoys purchasing things without really budgeting her finances. Even … Continue reading

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Fully Vaccinated And Going Out

As I mentioned earlier, Ashley has completed her 2 doses of vaccine and is considered fully vaccinated after 14 days.  So the first thing she did was to arrange for an outing to the mall with 2 of her closest … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

A tradition that I started a couple of years ago, I always try to take a photo of missy in Halloween costume eventhough there is no trick-o-treating.  It’s fun to think of some creative ways to dress up on this … Continue reading

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