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Free Interactive Money Games Online

When Ashley was little, I did not really teach her about money or help her to build a responsible understanding of financial literacy. Now that she has become a teenager, she enjoys purchasing things without really budgeting her finances. Even … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween From The Rockstar

With missy still having her IGCSE exam until mid November, I wasn’t sure if she would like to dress up for fun this Halloween. No, we don’t do any trick-o-treating but I have been DIY-ing her costume every year because … Continue reading

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A Fun Night At Euro Fun Park

Euro Park Fun Park came to this side of the city about two weeks ago and as usual, Ashley saw it on social media and wanted to visit the amusement park. She just loves all the heart-popping adrenaline activities.  So … Continue reading

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Hidden Talents During Lockdown

Recently a friend posted in Facebook saying that many people have discovered their hidden talents during multiple lockdowns. We have seen master chefs, fitness fanatics and more all over social media. Hers was the green thumb and she has been … Continue reading

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Stranger Things Season 4 Premieres Today

At last, it is here!  My favorite Sci-fi thriller on Netflix – Stranger Things Season 4 is premiering today! I am not a fan of anything Sci-fi but I was hooked on Stranger Things since 2019.  I guess it has … Continue reading

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Stimulating Game You Can Play Anytime Anywhere

Video games are fast, challenging and inviting. This will no doubt get many people hooked on them. Adults and children alike develop an increasing desire to get entertainment through online games.  We all know that excessive online games are unhealthy, … Continue reading

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Roller Skating At Roller Wa

When Ashley found out that Roller Wa has opened in One Utama, thanks to Tik-Tokers who have been posting about this place, she ‘begged’ me to bring her there. Roller Wa is an indoor roller-skating rink that comes from Korea. … Continue reading

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Learning Life Skills Through Online Food Games

The pandemic has disrupted the lives of everyone in the world and changed how everyone works, plays and learns.  Many people have to work from home, schools are closed and many major events and social gatherings are either canceled or … Continue reading

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Pavillion Bukit Jalil Is Open

The long-awaited shopping mall in my neighbourhood is finally opened. It is Pavillion Bukit Jalil, a lifestyle shopping mall that is similar, if not larger than its sister mall, Pavillion KL that is located in the Bukit Bintang area.  Pavillion … Continue reading

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What Is Zorbing?

A few years ago, missy’s school organized a funfair to raise funds for the school. There were many activities such as food stalls being set up to sell food, stalls for games and etc. One thing that caught my eye … Continue reading

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