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Delicious Keto Cakes From Suchan Bakery

One of the best ways to de-stress is to have some cakes. For me it is keto cakes.  I am so glad that Suchan bakery is just minutes away from my house and when I feel like having some cakes, … Continue reading

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How To Make Your Own Steamboat At Home With Hai Di Lao Soup Base

My family loves steamboat and we usually have this like twice a month.  Sometimes I would make the steamboat soup by boiling pork bones.  That makes the soup very sweet and tasty.  Recently I have been buying the Hai Di … Continue reading

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Easy Way To Make Korean Pancake

I have been watching K-dramas since the Movement Control Order started.  I am now into my 5th drama.  Every drama features yummy Korean foods that our favorite stars eat and that made me crave for some Korean street food.  Since … Continue reading

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Where To Buy Shirataki Oat Fiber Pasta At Great Discount

I am so happy to share what I stumbled upon today.  I was browsing Facebook a while ago and saw someone selling Low carb and Gluten-Free Shirataki Oat Fiber Pasta on Shopee.  I have tried this Shirataki Oat Fiber Pasta … Continue reading

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Cooking Budae Jiggae or Korean Army Stew With Kimchi

So, ever since I started my K-drama journey, I have been trying out Korean recipes.  I can’t cook to save my life so I try to have Korean food whenever I go out like Korean fried chicken or Korean BBQ … Continue reading

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Tealive Bubble Tea Mooncake

Tealive has launched its first Bubble Tea Mooncake.  Yes, you heard right – Mooncake with boba filling because bubble tea is trending so why not?  Since missy is a big fan of bubble tea, of course, she wants to try … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Theme Cafe In Ipoh

Missy and I took a short break back to Ipoh last Saturday together with my sister.  We planned this trip a few weeks back and took the train to Ipoh. Since we were facing the unscheduled major water disruption in … Continue reading

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Keto Fried Rice Cake (Char Koay Kak)

Char Koay Kak (Fried Rice Cake) is a popular street food that has a similar cooking style as Char Koay Teow.  The Koay Kak are cut into square cubes and fried in a huge round wok together with dark soya … Continue reading

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Where To Buy Cauliflower Rice In Malaysia

Rice is a staple food for many people, especially Asians.  For those who are following the Low Carb or Keto way of eating, you know that eating rice is a big No-No.  So what happens when the craving strikes?  No … Continue reading

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Fried Sweet Potato Balls In Taman OUG

Recently, we discovered a small stall selling fried sweet potato balls beside the main road in Taman OUG.  This stall is manned by 2 young guys wearing black t-shirt.  I forgot the name of this stall eventhough I have bought … Continue reading

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