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Keto Ice Cream From Kind Kones

Whenever I am in Bangsar Village, I would usually pop over to the Kind Kones stall and order my favourite Keto Chocolate Sorbet. As I do not take any sugar, this is the only ice-cream that I can eat. Kind … Continue reading

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Family Mart x Pokemon Collaboration

Our family is a big fan of Family Mart. We just love going to the Family Mart near our home for their oden, crispy chiki, sofuto and coffee. Recently, we were there for a quick dinner and I ordered the … Continue reading

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Where To Find Ipoh Sar Kok Liew In Kuala Lumpur

Sar Kok Liew, also known as fried yam bean fritters are a specialty from Ipoh. They are usually found in noodle stalls in Ipoh. The sar kok liew are slightly crunchy on the outside and soft and goey on the … Continue reading

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Keto Cookies For Chinese New Year

I celebrated my birthday last week and I am so blessed to receive keto foodstuff from my  sisters and my friends. My friends gave me a bagful of keto goodies like low carb bread, keto teriyaki sauce, keto Hainanese chicken … Continue reading

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Callduck Coffee Shop Ipoh

We made a trip to Ipoh last week as missy is back for Christmas break. One of her intentions for this trip is to visit the Callduck Cafe. She saw this on social media and was looking forward to it … Continue reading

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Chang Jiang White Coffee Ipoh

On my recent trip back to my hometown, Ipoh, my family and I finally visited the famous Chang Jiang White Coffee outlet that is located at 7, Jalan Windsor, 30250 Ipoh, Perak. This outlet is their first and it is … Continue reading

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When I Crave For Curry Noodles

Once in a while, I have this craving for something spicy like curry noodles. As I am following the low carb / keto lifestyle, I haven’t been eating noodles for many years.  So what do I do when I feel … Continue reading

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Easy Keto Ice Cream You Can Make At Home

It is not easy to get keto food in KL and there are only a handful of restaurants and cafes that serve keto food and keto desserts. Also, keto food such as keto bread, keto cakes and keto ice-cream are … Continue reading

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Korean BBQ Is The Best

Besides kimchi jiggae, my family and I love Korean BBQ, thanks to my addiction to K-dramas. There is just something about eating grilled meat wrap with lettuce and dipping into the tantalizing ssamjang (dipping sauce) and gireum jang (sesame oil … Continue reading

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Sweet Surprise With Sugar Free Mooncakes Or Keto Mooncakes

The mid-autumn festival or lantern festival falls on this Friday, 29th November 2023. Two days ago, I was salivating at some keto mooncakes I saw on Facebook. It didn’t help that my sister gifted us a box of the famous … Continue reading

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