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Keto Cookies For Chinese New Year

I celebrated my birthday last week and I am so blessed to receive keto foodstuff from my  sisters and my friends. My friends gave me a bagful of keto goodies like low carb bread, keto teriyaki sauce, keto Hainanese chicken … Continue reading

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Birthday Gift Ideas For A Christian Friend

Birthday season happens all year round. It is a lot of fun to celebrate friends and family at different times throughout the year. Having said that, finding a great birthday present can sometimes be a little daunting. It can be … Continue reading

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Gifts from my friend

So recently, one of my friends went to Bangkok for a holiday. She came back with some gifts for me. Can you guess what they are? She knows I love all any kinds of minty inhalers and rollers and she … Continue reading

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A Much-Needed Trip Out Of Town With Friends

Last Friday, my friends and I went up to the hill for a one day trip. The last time we planned an outing together was in 2019, before Covid came and changed everyone’s lives. We have been planning a trip … Continue reading

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Caring Friends Are Hard To Find

So yesterday my friends and I met up for dinner at Thai In, a new Thai Mookata place along Old Klang Road. We haven’t met each other for a while so we decided to have dinner last night. We have … Continue reading

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Geeky T-Shirts You Can Buy Online

Geeks are individuals who are highly intellectual and they have this obsession over computer technology, gaming, and all kinds of gadgets. They also have this constant desire to explore and keep themselves updated about the latest hi-tech gadgets.  Do you … Continue reading

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Kindness In A Pot

One of my colleagues love to bring food to the office for everyone. Whenever his wife buys a new household appliance, they will try cooking, steaming or boiling all kinds of recipes and he will bring them to the office … Continue reading

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The New MRT Putrajaya Line Has Begun Operation

The new MRT Line that goes from Kwasa Damansara to Putrajaya has opened and as announced by the PM, the ride is free until end of March. My friend, Elaine and I decided to bring our girls to experience the … Continue reading

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Best Gift Ideas For Geeks 2023

So you have a geek or fandom-obsessed person in your circle and whose birthday is coming up. However, you have absolutely no idea how where to start your search for a birthday gift. We all know that it is difficult … Continue reading

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A Sweet Surprise

Work has been stressful these past couple of days and this morning while going to the office, I felt like having a cup of strong coffee. There is nothing like a hot cup of joe that touches the soul. However, … Continue reading

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