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Visitors During Movement Control Order

So I was lying on my bed one afternoon when I spotted some shadows on my window.  When I went over to have a look, I got a shock seeing a monkey walking on the roof. I quickly took out … Continue reading

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When A Woman Laughs During An Argument

Saw this quote some time ago. It is too funny not to share!  How very true!

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Parenting Humour

I saw this at @momsbehavingbadly a few days ago and it made me laughed out loud.  Missy has been telling me the same thing especially when I remind her of the rules on what she can and cannot do. Don’t … Continue reading

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When The Day Is Hot

Saw this when I went home for lunch. I don’t know why dogs like to sleep like this.  To get some air perhaps?  Buffy does this sometimes too but when I was taking this photo of Cooper, she was out … Continue reading

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Funny-Looking Fish From Bangkok

When we were in Bangkok, I can’t help but notice images of this very funny looking fish on the billboards, restaurants and even bags made into this fish shape.  I think this must be the Thai’s popular fish dish.  What’s … Continue reading

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Things my daughter said

Last week, we received a full-moon gift from a relative.  Love the simple and packaging of the full-moon gift which consists of red eggs, angku kuih, egg tart, a fruit tart and a chocolate muffin.  The box comes with a sticker … Continue reading

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How Starbucks Write My Name

Whenever I order my coffee at Starbucks, 8 out of 10 times, they would write my name wrongly. This time, I spelled it to the cashier and before I was done, she said,”oh ok, I got it”. So I thought … Continue reading

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No G.S.T

We have a new government now and one of the things that they pledge to do is to get rid of the Goods and Services Tax.  Just want to record this funny conversation with missy the other day on this … Continue reading

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Neelofa’s Waist Pouch Fashion

Recently, there has been a big hoo-ha over local celebrity, Neelofa’s choice of fashion.  Neelofa, a local celebrity, and entrepreneur was featured in social media, wearing an orange suit, turban on her head and a red / orange waist pouch or … Continue reading

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Impersonation Day At School

This is a throwback post. Missy’s school organized a fundraising recently and students are encouraged to participate by dressing up as your favorite celebrities. Those who participate would pay RM3 I think, for the fundraising.  So when I asked missy … Continue reading

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