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A New Mural By Julia Volchkova

Recently while walking at my neighbourhood, I spotted this new mural on the wall of newly opened Optimax, an eye specialist provider. It wasn’t finished yet when I saw it and as you can see below, there were a few … Continue reading

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Aircon Service Offered by AirconMalaysia.Com

Having an air conditioner is a lifesaver in a tropical country like ours. Temperatures can soar up to 33 degree Celsius or higher during the daytime and go down to around  27 degrees Celsius at night. We rely on them … Continue reading

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funny things at the mall

This is a backdated post.  During Chinese New Year holidays, we went to The Curve for some retail therapy.   Do you know what caught my eye there? … … … … … … … … … … … … … … Continue reading

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Designer Paper Bags

I read an interesting article in the newspaper yesterday.  It is about designer paper bags in fashion-conscious Japan.  The article revealed that some Japanese girls like to carry paper bags belonging to designer brands.  They would keep their purse, gym … Continue reading

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With recession looming in the minds of everyone, I thought I better cut back on some expenditures and save some money.  Been reading in the papers every day about lay-offs and people finding it hard to make ends meet *sigh*  I must … Continue reading

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hApPy 2009 eVeRyOne

This will be my last post for 2008 😀 Any plans tonight on how to welcome the New Year? Well, we don’t have anything plan. Going to visit my dad as his office later and maybe have dinner somewhere. I … Continue reading

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Welcome Everyone !

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Welcome to ChumsyAshley.Info.  This will be my new blog from I feel it is time to move to higher grounds.  Love blogspot but since this is my pet project, I would like to give it a little … Continue reading

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