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How To Solve The Tummy Pooch Problem

Many of us can agree that having a fat belly is annoying and we all wish that we can get rid of it as soon as possible. Of course we can always do that by following a healthy diet and … Continue reading

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Your Guide to Mattress Cleaning

Here is your guide to mattress cleaning at home as all of us know it is essential to keep your mattress clean all the time. Failing to do so can cause you to fall sick and suffer from allergies. Mattress … Continue reading

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Getting Some Vitamin D

Last Saturday, I asked missy to go to the stadium with me so that she can practice her skateboarding.  This month, her lessons have stopped as her coach is fasting due to Ramadhan.  She didn’t want to go at first … Continue reading

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Reasons Why People Love Seafood Restaurants

Many people eat seafood for various reasons, but what makes them so popular? Consumers are attracted to seafood, whether it’s the taste, texture, or overall quality. And as the consumption of seafood increases, so do the health benefits. In this … Continue reading

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Most Accurate Covid Test Self-Test Kits In Malaysia

For the past 2 weeks, the number of positive cases have skyrocketed in Malaysia.  There were 27k positive cases yesterday. I usually don’t stock up on Covid-19 Self Test Kits but will do now because it is better to do … Continue reading

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Stimulating Game You Can Play Anytime Anywhere

Video games are fast, challenging and inviting. This will no doubt get many people hooked on them. Adults and children alike develop an increasing desire to get entertainment through online games.  We all know that excessive online games are unhealthy, … Continue reading

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Where To Buy The Best Water Dispenser In Malaysia

Drinking enough water every day is important for our overall well-being. Water keeps us hydrated and it is recommended that a person takes between 1L to 2L of water a day. This will keep us healthy and refreshed.  Therefore, many … Continue reading

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My Teen Is Fully Vaccinated

Yesterday was Ashley’s 2nd dose and it was done at PPV MSU Dewan Canselor in Shah Alam. She took the first Covid vaccination at the Civic Center in MBPJ but it has since closed. It was not difficult to get … Continue reading

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I Have Finally Taken My First Dose Of Covid Vaccine

This is a backdated post.  I have taken my first dose of covid vaccine about 2 weeks ago at Universiti Malaya.  I was part of those who registered for Astra Zeneca when it was opened for registration the 2nd time.  … Continue reading

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Take Care Of Your Oral Hygiene With Quality Oral Care Products

Oral health or oral hygiene is a way of keeping your teeth clean and free from decay and other parts of your mouth free from infection.  Good oral health includes brushing the teeth regularly and proper flossing.  When this practice … Continue reading

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