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Things That Make Me Happy

I love succulents. I guess you can tell from the theme of my blog.  There is just something about these little green plants that make me smile. I have blogged about my previous buy here.  I even made paper succulents … Continue reading

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Where To Buy The Best Water Dispenser In Malaysia

Drinking enough water every day is important for our overall well-being. Water keeps us hydrated and it is recommended that a person takes between 1L to 2L of water a day. This will keep us healthy and refreshed.  Therefore, many … Continue reading

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Latex Gloves A Simple Way To Ensure Workplace Safety

Latex examination gloves are a smart and easy way to keep any workplace safe. From safeguarding employees against harmful elements to ensuring that nothing contaminates the workplace, latex hand wear provides appropriate protection. When selecting the best latex exam gloves, … Continue reading

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Things I See In My Garden

So I was watering my plants one evening and I spotted these 2 clinging to the leaves of my plants.  I was curious why they did not fly away when I was watering the plants and took a closer look. … Continue reading

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Blessed Food From Friends

Last Sunday one of my besties dropped by to pass me 2 bottles of keto spread.  She just called me like 5 minutes before arriving and I didn’t even have time to change.  We haven’t met each other for almost … Continue reading

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Best Buy From Shopee

During the recent 9.9 (September 9) sales on Shopee, we managed to snatch a great deal.  It was just a spur of a moment when hubs said why don’t we check out the air fryers on Shopee.  He has always … Continue reading

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How To Move Your Piano Safely

A piano is a common thing in many people’s homes in Kuala Lumpur. Not only does it add a sense of luxury and elegance to your home, it is also a form of relaxation through music. It can be difficult … Continue reading

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The Naughty One Strikes Again

Usually I would take off my slippers and put them on the tall shoe rack when I come into the house. That afternoon, I thought Sheldon is taking a nap and won’t be bothered with it. I was wrong!  I … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Happy

I love air plants and when I saw these little babies on Concretus, I knew I just have to get my hands on them.  The air plants and the minimalist-looking holders are lovely.  At the moment, they are sitting on … Continue reading

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Cooking Ideas From Tik Tok

So we are in Week 3 (I think, because I have lost count) of our Full Movement Control Order or lockdown.  I have been staying at home and working from home when there is work.  Besides doing a Netflix marathon … Continue reading

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