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Best Cafe To Chill In Ipoh

We made a short trip to Penang last week and then followed by a stopover for 1 night in Ipoh. When I was in Ipoh, I met up with one of my besties and we had coffee at this minimalist … Continue reading

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Saranghae Bridge At One Utama

If you can’t go to Seoul to visit the Love padlock bridge at N Seoul Tower, an iconic symbol and popular attraction, well there is a mini one in One Utama. I stumbled upon this cute version called The Saranghae … Continue reading

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Affordable Shoe Cleaning Service KL

No matter how well an outfit look, it is a pair of shoes that add the final touch to it. They are an important wardrobe staple that is needed to look our best. A pair of shoes is a great … Continue reading

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Bff Trip To Pangkor Laut

Been real busy the past week as I was in Ipoh and Pangkor Laut for a holiday with my best friends.  All 8 of us spent a night in Ipoh and then 2 nights in Pangkor Laut for a getaway … Continue reading

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Hidden Talents During Lockdown

Recently a friend posted in Facebook saying that many people have discovered their hidden talents during multiple lockdowns. We have seen master chefs, fitness fanatics and more all over social media. Hers was the green thumb and she has been … Continue reading

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Boosting My Health With Vitamins

I usually do not take any supplements but since the pandemic arrived two years ago, I have been taking these to boost my immune system. They are Berocca, a vitamin C soluble, Holistica Vitamin C soluble which I plan to … Continue reading

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No Monday Blues

Received a surprise this afternoon after lunch. Got a call from my friend who asked me if I am at the office and to go out and take something from FoodPanda.  I was greeted with a cup of Cappuccino from … Continue reading

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Fear Of Heights

Yes, that’s me. I have this fear of sitting on a cable car, ferries wheel, crossing bridges such as overhead pedestrian bridges and hanging bridges as well as standing on top of a tall building and looking down.  I still … Continue reading

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The Jade Plant Saga

Last year, I bought a jade plant for Chinese New Year because according to my mother-in-law, it is good for the house. Jade plant is a succulent plant that is also known as a lucky plant, money plant or money … Continue reading

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After A Stressful Week

This week has been a stressful one for me. That explains the lack of post on my blog.  Things are better now and I will blog about it in a few days’ time.  In the meantime, I ordered some keto … Continue reading

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