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Zus Coffee x Emila Yusof

Since the MCO 2.0 started last week, companies are required to follow SOP by having only 30% workforce in the office.  Thus, I will be working from home a few times a week starting today.  Decided to order my cappuccino … Continue reading

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Surprises On My Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and I received 2 surprises at work. When the delivery guy called to tell me that there is something for me from Keto Sis, I was puzzled.   He said he was already at my office … Continue reading

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My Sensitive Hand

I have been sanitizing my hands frequently with sanitizers that contain alcohol and this is what happened to my fingers …… My hands become dry and coarse, and the skin on my fingers cracked.  This usually happens when I use … Continue reading

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Dinner At The Museum Restaurant, Ipoh

I haven’t been back to Ipoh since September when interstate travel was allowed.  CMCO was again implemented in October and no interstate travel was allowed until the latest announcement last week that Malaysians can cross borders again.  So, last Friday … Continue reading

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Why I love Zus Coffee

If you have been following my blog, you’ll know how much I love coffee.  My life depends on coffee literally.  I cannot function without having a cuppa in the morning.   On Monday, I ordered a cup of cappuccino from Zus … Continue reading

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Keeping Track Of My Steps On Fitbit

I have started a weekly exercise routine and that is to walk from my house to the park which is about 3.5 km away and then continue to walk inside the park.  This 80-acre park has a 2.8km walking/running loop.  … Continue reading

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Delicious Keto Cakes From Suchan Bakery

One of the best ways to de-stress is to have some cakes. For me it is keto cakes.  I am so glad that Suchan bakery is just minutes away from my house and when I feel like having some cakes, … Continue reading

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How I De-Stress Every Day

It is a known fact that women are better at multi-tasking than men. We can juggle a job and run the household.  Agree?  Besides working full-time,  I also have a part-time online job, overlooking my hubs’ business as well as … Continue reading

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Facebook Avatar Is So Much Fun

Not too long ago, September 15th to be exact, Facebook finally rolled out the Avatar app for its users in this part of the world.  I know that Facebook users in North America were already creating their avatars back in … Continue reading

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Stay Safe Everybody!

The Covid-19 cases are on the rise and we have breached the 3-figure mark.  The positive cases this week were even higher than in March when we were on lockdown.  This is worrying eventhough the Prime Minister said everything is … Continue reading

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