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Welcoming The Year of The Dragon

A backdated post. This Chinese New Year celebration has been a memorable one for me and my family. On the eve of the new year, I was feeling a bit off. My body was tired and I thought it was … Continue reading

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I Bought Myself New Gadget For Health

I have gone back to walking as my workout routine. A few years ago, I started running for health but much later, I developed ‘Runners knee’ where there is pain around my knees. It could be due to aging or … Continue reading

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Where To Find Ipoh Sar Kok Liew In Kuala Lumpur

Sar Kok Liew, also known as fried yam bean fritters are a specialty from Ipoh. They are usually found in noodle stalls in Ipoh. The sar kok liew are slightly crunchy on the outside and soft and goey on the … Continue reading

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A Little Update

Wow, I cannot believe it that I have no updated my blog for almost a month. Life has been busy and hectic for me. We decided to paint the exterior of our house a few weeks before The Chinese New … Continue reading

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Enjoying My Me Time

I love spending time alone by myself and I find it pretty empowering. I can enjoy my own company and focus on my own thoughts. I do enjoy eating at a restaurant by myself, going shopping by myself and also … Continue reading

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Mabuhay Laguna Restaurant Authentic Philippine Cuisine In Kuala Lumpur

We went to Petaling Street again recently to look around.  Brought my brother in law to visit RexKL which was formerly a cinema as he wanted to look at how the old cinema was back in the days. While walking … Continue reading

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Caring Friends Are Hard To Find

So yesterday my friends and I met up for dinner at Thai In, a new Thai Mookata place along Old Klang Road. We haven’t met each other for a while so we decided to have dinner last night. We have … Continue reading

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The Best K Drama That I Have Just Watched Recently

I am a huge fan of Kdramas and I have blogged about how I started Kdrama here. Ever since I started watching the first Korean movie – Parasite and the first K-drama – Crash Landing On You, I have never … Continue reading

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My Favourite Kind Of Lunch

Last Saturday after sending missy to the dentist, we decided to have lunch in that area.  We normally have udon and kariage chicken at Sanuki Udon but that day missy said she would like to go to a cafe. So … Continue reading

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Enjoying My Me Time Once A Week

For once a week,  I would send missy to her skateboarding class. While she is taking her 1 hour class, I would go for my exercise. This is the quiet time that I really enjoy because it is just me … Continue reading

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