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My Favourite Past Time

Yup. That’s me!

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Herbal Inhaler From Thailand

If you have been following my blog, you would have come across my earlier posts about how much I love inhalers. You can read about it here and here. So I received the herb HongThai inhaler from my friend who … Continue reading

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Delicious Keto Char Koay Teow You Can Order In KL

This is a backdated post. I was browsing Facebook and came across a post in LCHF Keto  Market group about a hawker stall that fries Keto Char Koay Teow or keto fried flat noodles. This coffee shop is called NSV … Continue reading

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Nourishing Soup For The Soul

When I saw my friend, Shireen sharing about the Beacon Seaweed Chicken Soup, I decided to try it.  Available at Beacon Mart, Shopee and Lazada, this frozen chicken soup tastes like pure chicken soup that we boil ourselves. A packet … Continue reading

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Hiking At Bukit Dinding

During the recent Hari Raya holidays, my friend, Elaine asked me to stay over at her house so that she can bring me for a hike at Bukit Dinding near her place. It sounded exciting as I have not been … Continue reading

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Welcoming The Year of The Dragon

A backdated post. This Chinese New Year celebration has been a memorable one for me and my family. On the eve of the new year, I was feeling a bit off. My body was tired and I thought it was … Continue reading

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I Bought Myself New Gadget For Health

I have gone back to walking as my workout routine. A few years ago, I started running for health but much later, I developed ‘Runners knee’ where there is pain around my knees. It could be due to aging or … Continue reading

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Where To Find Ipoh Sar Kok Liew In Kuala Lumpur

Sar Kok Liew, also known as fried yam bean fritters are a specialty from Ipoh. They are usually found in noodle stalls in Ipoh. The sar kok liew are slightly crunchy on the outside and soft and goey on the … Continue reading

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A Little Update

Wow, I cannot believe it that I have no updated my blog for almost a month. Life has been busy and hectic for me. We decided to paint the exterior of our house a few weeks before The Chinese New … Continue reading

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Enjoying My Me Time

I love spending time alone by myself and I find it pretty empowering. I can enjoy my own company and focus on my own thoughts. I do enjoy eating at a restaurant by myself, going shopping by myself and also … Continue reading

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