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How To Buy The Right Costume For Your Dog

Some dog parents love dressing up their pooch.  You will see dogs in cute costumes during holidays like Halloween, Fourth of July, on their birthday or National Dog Day.  Dogs are not only in sweaters to keep warm or raincoats … Continue reading

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Protect Your Dog From Rain With Affordable Dog Raincoat

We all use the umbrella or wear raincoats when it is raining.  Dogs will need raincoats for the same reason as us.  If you bring your pet out for walks to vacate his bladder, then very likely that it will … Continue reading

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How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing Shoes?

Cooper, our crazy husky is 2 years old and he still chews our slippers!  Just a few days ago, I forgot to keep my slippers and within 20 minutes, he had chewed off the strap. This is like the 10th … Continue reading

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The Power Of Social Media

Yesterday was a harrowing morning for all of us at home.  Hubs went out to the market nearby at around 7.30am and he did not latch the gate properly.  Men!  So I believe it was Cooper, who is always trying … Continue reading

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When The Day Is Hot

Saw this when I went home for lunch. I don’t know why dogs like to sleep like this.  To get some air perhaps?  Buffy does this sometimes too but when I was taking this photo of Cooper, she was out … Continue reading

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Dogs Can Help To Reduce Stress

Ask any pet owner and he or she will tell you that living with a pet comes with many benefits.  Pets offer constant companionship, love and affection. It isalso no surprise that 98% of pet owners consider their pet to … Continue reading

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When It Is Unbearably Hot During The Day

It was almost 40 degree Celsius yesterday (according to the car thermometer).  Both my furbabies were looking at my husband from the grilled door of our house yesterday afternoon.  I believe they were trying to tell us that they cannot … Continue reading

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Why a Cat Could Be the Perfect Addition to Your Family

  Photo source When you have kids, there’s a good chance that they’re going to come home one day asking for a pet. Perhaps they’ve visited a friends house and grown fond of the four legged companion that lives in … Continue reading

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Affordable Counseling From Therapists

As a working mother, I often feel that there aren’t enough hours in a day.  It is never easy being a mom trying to juggle a full-time job with a family life. There are times that I feel burnt out.   Being … Continue reading

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Tips For Travelling With Your Furry Friend

Everyone loves a good family holiday, but it’s difficult for your holiday to feel truly complete when you have to leave your dog behind. For most of us, our dogs are as important as any other member of the family, … Continue reading

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