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Short Trip To Melaka 2023

Last Sunday, we made a short one night trip to Melaka. The last time we were there was before the pandemic. We thought it would be fun to go away to a place nearby and hubs booked our stay at … Continue reading

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Busy Busy Busy

I just realized that I haven’t been updating my blog for the past 2 weeks. No excuses but things have been pretty hectic at work and at home.  On top of working full time, I have some part-time work and … Continue reading

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Another KonMari Session

So I was looking at my wardrobe a few nights ago and I didn’t like what I saw.  The pile of t-shirts and tops sitting on my wardrobe were so untidy.  I just didn’t like the way they were stacked … Continue reading

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So over April!

Today is the last day of April and I am so over this month.  March wasn’t pleasant and April is even worst.  You know why?  I was bitten by the Aedes mosquito and contracted dengue fever. How It All Started … Continue reading

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Always Remember To Check Your Monthly Phone Bill

I would like to share my experience here regarding my monthly mobile phone subscription with Celcom.  My husband and I signed up for the First 38 package for RM38 a month.  All these while when we received the statement, it … Continue reading

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Coffee Blues

I went for a meeting yesterday and during the meeting, I helped myself to a cup of coffee from the coffee machine.  It was strong and delicious.  Then I had another half a cup later.  Guess what?  For the rest … Continue reading

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bagaholic’s collection

A couple of weeks ago, my friend helped me to buy a bag which she was getting one herself.  It was 60% off and a pretty good deal I must say.  When I got the bag and keep it in … Continue reading

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is it an exercise machine or …

Two Christmases ago, I asked Santa for this …….   My wish was granted and I was happily doing 8 to 10 km on this baby 5 days a week.   My weight didn’t go down despite this exercise but my … Continue reading

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what i don’t need …

are all the “you-friend-me-i-don’t-friend-you-because-you-are-not-a-real-friend-and-you-are-using-me-for-favours” or you-don’t-friend-me-because-you-get-mad-that-i-don’t-have-time-for-you or i-friend-you-you-don’t-friend-me-because-you-are-jealous-of-me crap.  Please, don’t think too much.  Things are not what you think they are.  Don’t flatter yourself, ok.  To me, it’s really simple.  If you can get along well with someone, then … Continue reading

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something true

I was blog-hopping last night and came upon a “Something True About Yourself” post by one of my favourite bloggers.  Thought I’ll borrow the idea from her and do one too.  Below are something true about me : * I … Continue reading

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