Adorable Children’s Clothing You Can Buy Online 2023

Seeing their children grow day by day brings parents tremendous joy and one of the enjoyable things of being a parent is dressing up your child in cute and trendy clothes.  As a matter of fact, many parents enjoy being the children’s personal fashion stylist. Shopping for kids does not come cheap.  With the huge variety of kids merchandise available in the market today, some of them come with a rather heavy price tag. Not only is their personal style changing constantly as they get older, kids grow from one size to the next in a jiffy. It always seems as though as you have just finished buying a big haul of stuff and then it is time to get another.

Many practical parents are constantly looking for top quality products like clothing, shoes, baby & kids hats without stretching the wallet. Just where can you buy inexpensive kids clothing that will not compromise on design, quality, and style? Well you are in luck.  You can find fashionable and cheap kids clothes online, without leaving your house.

One such place is at Beepumpkin, a leading online retailer that specializes in a range of toddlers and kids clothing, matching family clothes, baby clothing and accessories. Beepumpkin children clothes make every day a special occasion with their fun vibrant prints and high-quality fabrics.

As the warm weather is fast approaching and your social calendar filling up, you would have places to go.  It is time to step it up a notch and get some adorable and trending clothes for your children from this kids clothing store.  Whether you are looking for classic, timeless designs or trendy styles, below are some of the must have clothes with pops of color and unique prints for kids to mix and match to create their own individual look.

Baby Bodysuit 

The onesie or bodysuit is the cornerstone of every baby’s wardrobe. There is no clothing more practical, timeless and essential than an onesie. This pink baby onesie is soft, breathable and has a great stretch.

4 Colors Always Be Kind Baby Bodysuit

Cotton T-shirt

Stylish and super soft, this colored T-shirt is breathable to ensure the most relaxed and comfortable daily wearing experience. It is comfortable to wear and tough enough to withstand many adventures. It is available in many different colors and wording designs.

Notorious Kids Shirt

Princess and Queen Mom&Me Shirt

Nothing says cute like a momma  and mini me shirt with a cute caption. These pink and white comfortable and lightweight colored tees are sure to get complimented when you and your little one show up twinning!Princess and Queen Mom&Me Shirt

Linen Dress For Girls

This linen girl dress is breathable and comfortable to wear for both day-to-day activities and on special occasions. It is perfect for summer wear and your daughter will absolutely feel comfortable wearing it. 

Diagonal Back Straps Princess Linen Dress For Girls

Beepumpkin, the toddler and baby clothing store has everything you need to dress your children. Check out the high quality, timeless and chic collection today.

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Delicious Keto Low Carb Bread You Can Buy In KL

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I love bread and anything carbo. Since I am following the low carb way of eating for years, I have stopped eating carbs. I have tried baking my own bread whenever I crave for them but the texture is not like the usual bread. Over the years, I have been buying keto bread from online sellers. Recently I discovered Emi’s Cloud, a homegrown bakery that specializes in a range of delicious keto or low carb yeast bread loaves.

I ordered the Original and Cranberry Walnut loaves a few days ago and when they arrived, I was surprised to see how big the loaves are. Best of all, the bread tastes like regular ones.  Below is a list of low carb yeast bread that Emily is baking.

My original and cranberry walnut loaves.

I took out a slice each and spread them with butter. I love the texture of the bread and they have a tinge of saltiness in them.

I still have a few pieces of keto bread that I bought from another online seller and took it out for comparison. Can you see how big Emi’s Cloud bread is compared to the other piece?

Value for money right? So if you are wondering where to buy keto bread in kl, do visit Emi’s Cloud Facebook page here – and place your order.

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Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas 2023

Teachers are often called superheroes and honestly, there is no better label. Not only are they an important figure in a child’s life, teachers have gone through so much in the last couple of years when they had to go through remote learning and safety protocols during the pandemic. They take all these in stride while keeping the students their first priority.

Teachers appreciation week provides a timely and unique opportunity for everyone to show their appreciation to the special teacher in their life. Having said that, choosing a gift that the teachers will like, a gift that shows how much you appreciate all that they do and one that stands out is not easy.  The best gift for teachers are practical and heartfelt.Gift a gift that can they can use in the classroom or something that expresses appreciation. If you are looking for some gift ideas, ahead are some wonderful gifts from teachergive that all the teachers deserve.

Personalized Pencil Case

Give your teacher a personalized pencil case perfect for keeping all of their bits and bobs . This uniquely designed corduroy pencil case has enough room and is the perfect size for all of the teachers’ essentials. It can be personalized with the teacher’s name. These teacher supplies are available  in pink, blue, green, yellow and purple.

Personalized Candy Colors Stretchable Corduroy Apple Pencil Case

Personalized Notebook

Say an extra special thank you to your favorite teacher with a Personalized Notebook that says “It’s Cool To Be Kind”. With many different designs available, you will surely find one that matches their style and personalize the notebook with a name of your choice for that special personal touch.

Personalized It's Cool To Be Kind Notebook

Teacher’s T-Shirt

Show your teacher some love with teacher’s t-shirts like this comfortable, casual and loose fitting t-shirt. This fun t-shirt has the inspiration words “Oh The Places You Will Go from the famous Dr. Seus character. It will easily become a closet staple. This tee is available from size S up to size 5XL.

Oh The Place You'll Go Teacher T-Shirt

Personalized Wooden Teacher Pot Plant Plaque

A teacher who has helped you to grow and learn will love this quirky engraved personalized wooden pot plant plaque. It will definitely will bring a smile to the face of every teacher. This is a gift that they can keep for years to come and will look brilliant sitting on their classroom desk.

Personalized Wooden Teacher Pot Plant Plaque

Hurry and visit this gifts for teacher store and find a gift that will warm your favorite teacher’s heart.

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Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Look With Gemstone Jewelry

For centuries, gemstones have been used to elevate a woman’s looks and well-being. It is believed that wearing the right kind of gemstone can help to boost moods and increase energy levels. What are gemstones? They are actually precious stones that are cut and polished to be use as jewelry as well as other decorative items. Gemstones are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Their distinctive characteristics, appearance and rarity make gemstones valuable. 

Why you should wear gemstones

There are many reasons why people wear gemstones. Some people believe that wearing gemstones can help improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Many choose to wear them because they are unique and beautiful. Gemstone jewelry is stylish to accessorize and wearing them is a way to express your individual style. Whether you are looking for gemstone engagement rings, a new necklace, bracelet or earring for yourself or as a gift, gemstone jewelry is a wonderful option. They are also a great way to add color to your outfit.

There are many different types of gemstones to choose from and you are sure to find something that fits your style from JQueen Jewelry, a reputable online jeweler with a wide range of beautiful pieces that are distinctive and high quality. Besides gemstones, they have a huge collection of engagement rings, diamond wedding rings and trendy jewelries to suit any taste.

Ways to style gemstone jewelry

You can unleash your creativity and create a stylish look that will make heads turn. You can try to experiment with different gemstones and colors to see which one works best for you. The most important thing is to choose a gemstone captures you. There are different types of jewelry that can be used to create different looks. A simple piece can be classic and understated while a statement piece can give a bold fashion statement as they tend to be more flashy. A classic piece is timeless and elegant. Statement pieces are a great way to add some personality to your outfit

Statement Piece 

When it comes to choosing the right piece of jewelry, it’s all about finding the right balance between your personal style and the occasion you are wearing it. If you want to make a statement, there is nothing quite like a piece of gemstone jewelry like this sterling silver Princess Diana Blue Tanzanite gemstone. It is bold, eye-catching and the perfect way to turn heads.

Classic Gemstone  

There are certain timeless trends that always look trendy and chic like classic gemstone jewelry. Whether it is a pair of stud earrings or pendant necklace, a classic gemstone piece is a perfect way to add a touch of luxe to any outfit. Due to its versatility, gemstone jewelry can paired with casual or formal attire. If you want to add a bit of luxury to your ensemble, consider investing in a classic gemstone piece.

Simple Piece 

For the minimalist at heart, a simple piece like a pair of earrings can elevate your look without going over the top. Less is definitely more.

You can put on a simple piece or go all out with a statement jewelry. Try to experiment with different gemstones and styles to find the perfect look for you. No matter what your style and taste are, there is a piece of jewelry out there for you at JQueen Jewelry. So, don’t be afraid to go and find the perfect accessory to complete your look.

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A Sweet Surprise

Work has been stressful these past couple of days and this morning while going to the office, I felt like having a cup of strong coffee. There is nothing like a hot cup of joe that touches the soul. However, I was too lazy to order one (and there was no free delivery) so I just chucked the idea away and just made myself a regular cup of 2-in-1.

At around lunch time, I heard someone pressing the doorbell and at the same time, I received a text message from my friend, asking me to go to the front door. She just said go and get your coffee! I was like, oh my gawd! How did she know that I was craving for a big cup of cappuccino today?  I am so blessed to have friends like her who always surprise me and lift me up when I am down.

A sweet ending to a day where we celebrate sisterhood ❤️ 8th March! Happy International Women’s Day to all amazing women out there.

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Unique Gift Idea For Watch Lovers

If you are looking for a unique and practical gift for for someone who is into watch collecting or has many different types of watches such as mechanical and automatic ones, then you may want to check out a functional tool known as a watch winder.

Now what is a watch winder? It is a device that comes in a box of various sizes and it is designed to keep an automatic watch wound when it is not being worn instead of allowing the battery deplete.  A watch winder helps to the keep the date and time functions maintained when the watch is not being worn.  Besides these, a watch winder also helps to keep the mechanical gears of the watch lubricated. Doing so can extend the watch lifespan and ensure that the watch work accurately. This device is applicable only for automatic watches and has becoming popular in the recent years as many people collect more watches.

The winder can either be battery operated or plugged into an outlet with AC adapter. How a winder works is that it will replicate the movement of the watch worn on the wrist by rotating clockwise, counter clockwise, forward and reverse.

The Best Watch Winder Brand You Should Keep Under Your Radar

One of the best watch winder uk brands is JQueen that has a wide range of form, function and high quality products at affordable prices. This online retailer offers quality and well designed watch winders, safes, watch boxes and  jewelry storage boxes. It is a reliable brand with makes superb quality products which embody elegance and luxury. Below are some of the top watch winders from JQueen that you may want to check out.

Bamboo Single Watch Winder

If you are looking for a single watch winder that exudes class and gives a luxe-look, this bamboo watch winder is the best option. Not only is it meticulously made with high quality bamboo, it is good for the environment too. The leather pillow is soft and offers good protection as well.

Best Jqueen Bamboo Single Watch Winder

Here is a modern watch winder with contemporary design. Crafted beautifully with high quality wood, this JQueen watch winder features a luxe soft leather watch holder, acrylic panel with a luxurious black interior.

Best Sepano Wooden Double Watch Winder Black

For a person with a large watch collection, then this black quad watch winder will have the space to store and maintain four watches. Made with rich exquisite leather, it has a glass cover and additional 4 storage spaces in a drawer design to keep your watches. This watch winder offers 5 direction rotation. It can keep everything secured with its side buckle and lock design

Discount Jqueen Leather Quad Watch Winder Black

Featuring high quality Japanese upgraded Mabuchi motor that offer whisper quiet operation, JQueen watch winders will help keep the watches powered, aesthetically beautiful place to display the prized collection and also keep them safe.

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Treat Yourself To Quality Jewelries

Women often put others before them when it comes to care and love. In the midst of shouldering the responsibilities of home and work, all their dreams and desires are buried. Now, it is time to focus on yourself and give yourself some loving care that you so deserve.

One of the ways to take charge of your happiness and pamper yourself is to buy yourself some jewelries like trendy earrings and necklaces. Buying jewelry for yourself is not only a self-love action but it also makes you feel confident and happy. Giving yourself a treat and feel special is an enriching experience. Invest in yourself for all that you have accomplished.

Over the last decade or so, there has been a steady increase in the number of women purchasing jewelry for themselves. This shows that they value their financial independence, know what they want and they do not need anyone to buy the jewelry for them. Jewelry is also a great investment as it lasts a lifetime and its value will appreciate over time.

At Shesaidyes, they want to make your purchase one that is memorable and that you will treasure forever. This leading high-end jewelry online retailer creates a charming range of handcrafted jewelry with a reputation for top-notch quality, excellent customer service and at very competitive prices. Their collection includes engagement rings, bridal set, trendy necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and many more.

If you have never bought yourself jewelries before, it may be rather intimidating at first. After all, you are making a large investment in something you want to wear always. You can build your jewelry closet piece by piece by starting with the basics or go right for a showstopper for your first time. Ahead are some of the gorgeous collection from Shesaidyes that can lift your spirits and give you that hit of endorphins.

A woman does not have to be engaged or married to wear a ring. Buying your own ring is a piece of jewelry that will not carry the weight of any relationships and memories. Rings are timeless and wearable with any outfits as they do not restrict to the style of the outfit you are wearing. Celebrate yourself with a “To Love You More” stackable ring in glimmering emerald cut stone.

"To Love You More" Stackable Dainty Ring

Spoil yourself with cute necklaces like this Wheel of Life to commemorate how far you have come. It features three sleek metal hoops that are neatly dotted with two rows of glimmering stones on each hoops. It is classy, fun and will add a spark and sophistication to any occasion.

"Wheel of Life" Necklace

How about a pair of dazzling “The Pearl of My Eye” Emerald drop pearl earrings? Made with a combination of pearl and crystal, this four-pronged crystals give a radiant look.

"The Pearl of My Eye" Emerald Cut Drop Earrings

Bracelets are easy to wear and make a statement without being over the top. This gorgeous “My Heart Is Yours” tennis bracelet is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe,

"My Heart is All Yours" Tennis Bracelet

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Happy International Women’s Day

To all the beautiful, strong, smart, funny, kind and lovable women.

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Versatile Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Blue bridesmaid dresses are a no-fail option for any wedding style and if you need to incorporate “something blue” into your wedding, then you may want to consider dusty blue bridesmaid dresses for your bridal party.

One of the hottest wedding colors, dusty blue has a romantic appeal. This is a stunning muted and cool color is great for all seasons and can be tied easily with a range of different color schemes. Pair it with navy, silver, gray for a winter event or combine it with earthy tones such as terracotta and sage green for a rustic vineyard soiree. As dusty blue is super versatile and universally flattering, it is a popular color for weddings. It looks stunning at the altar and will bring a fresh feeling to your romantic wedding.

It’s a great choice to have dusty blue bridesmaid dresses for beach weddings, barn weddings and any other outdoor wedding. has a lot of fabulous dusty blue bridesmaid dresses that are budget-friendly, classic and trendy styles that can be worn again and again

Sweetheart Chiffon Flutter Sleeve Pleats Bodice Bridesmaid Dresses

This sophisticated dress radiates elegance. Featuring an off the shoulder with a subtle sweetheart neckline, this dress has a fitted surplice bodice. The dropped shoulder with ruffled sleeves highlight the beautiful shoulders. The back of this dress is styled with an open back design while the chiffon skirt flows towards the floor in an A-line silhouette. Your bridesmaids will be able to show off their style in a fashionable dress.

Tied Strap Tiered Smock Open Back Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

Set your bridesmaids apart with this exquisite dusty blue bridal party dress. Stringed with dainty tie-shoulder straps, this gown features a straight across neckline on a fitted bodice. Featuring open back, the A-line tiered skirt flows into a floor length. Look like a dreamy vision in this romantic number.

A Line One Shoulder Chiffon Flutter Sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses

Get ready for everyone to stop and stare in this  wonderfully appealing bridesmaid dress. This elegant long dress showcases a one shoulder flutter short sleeve on a surplice bodice.  Designed with an open back, the skirt has a sheath silhouette and glides to a floor length hemline elegantly. The stunning asymmetrical neckline is perfect for making a statement.

Sweetheart Chiffon Long Bridesmaid Dresses With Crisscross Back

Transform into a sultry siren with this sleek chiffon bridesmaid dress.  Tailored for that flattering fit, this chiffon piece parades with a v-neckline on a spaghetti strap trailed bodice. Defined with pleats gathering in a faux wrap bodice, the back is also accented with a criss cross design. Highlighted with a pleated design on the front, the skirt flows into a full length A-line silhouette. Your bridal squad will be a picture of elegance in this dusty blue number.

Applique V Neck Keyhole Back A Line Bridesmaid Dresses

Showcase a classy style that looks classy in this gorgeous dusty blue bridesmaid dress.  Featuring a fitted bodice with keyhole back, it is exquisitely embroidered and embellished with lace. The flowy chiffon skirt begins at the natural waistline and finishes at a floor length hemline.

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Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Due to this color’s close ties to Halloween, burnt orange is often classified as an autumnal color. On the contrary, it is an incredible versatile shade that fits any wardrobe and every season. This rust color plays well with neutrals like charcoal, camel and khaki that complement its subtle vibrancy.

Burnt orange is a fab color that tends to adds zest without being too overwhelming. This color is rich, bold and a little bit different.  It is a great color for garden weddings thus making it a popular choice for spring, summer and fall. Its rosy vitality uplifts the dainty spring pastels and the saturated summer shades. If your dream is to have a rustic boho barn wedding or a woodsy do amongst the trees, burnt orange pairs beautifully with shades like sage, dark green and celery. Dress your squad in burnt orange bridesmaid dresses and they will be delighted.

Fun and energetic, rust orange bridesmaid dresses are perfect to freshen up the bridal party style.  Ahead are some of the trending burnt orange bridesmaid dresses from that will create a swoon-worthy look for your squad.

A Line Scoop Neckline Chiffon Slit Belt Bridesmaid Dresses

Grace the wedding with the flair of a stunner in this minimalist chiffon bridesmaid dress. Rendered with a scoop neckline stringed with spaghetti straps, this gown also flaunts an open back and a belt. The high slit graces the flaring A-line silhouette as it falls to the floor. This charming dress can also be worn again and again.

Ruffles Bodice Scoop A Line Chiffon Bridal Party Dresses

Make it a memorable time worth reminiscing in this decadent bridal party dress. This elegant piece features a scoop neckline with cut-in cold shoulders that showcases fine straps. The scallop ruffle scoop shape at the center adds a nice feature to the dress. It is cinched around the waist leading to the stunning cascade of the A-line chiffon skirt as it streams down to a full-length hemline. Be as utterly feminine in this burnt orange number.

Pleats Bodice Chiffon Cold Shoulder Tie Back Bridesmaid Dresses

Defined with soft pleats along with the bodice and draping sleeves on the arm, this simple and elegant piece features a V-neckline supported with spaghetti straps and a tie-back design for a sexy vibe. The soft flowy skirt flourishes a tiered style that cascades to brush the floor at a full-length hemline. Your bridesmaids will look utterly feminine wearing this cold shoulder burnt orange bridesmaid dress.

A Line Cowl Neckline Chiffon Spaghetti Straps Bridesmaid Dresses

Flaunting a cowl neckline on a sleeveless bodice, this stunner is supported with slender straps and features an alluring open back. This stylish long dress is made of chiffon material with a high front slit.

A Line Chiffon Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses With Ruffles

Make an extraordinary statement in this darling dress. A vibrant chiffon dress featuring a strapless sweetheart neckline, it has flirty ruffles running from the bodice all the way to the front slit. This open back dress is a sure attention grabber.

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