A little phobia

Ever since my akaun has been bekukan by TigaPi, I have developed some kind of phobia. You see, I did an offer yesterday for one of the advertisers and I couldn’t submit it no matter how many times I tried. There was an error message with the words – “Your Blog URL Does Not Exist“. My first thought was “Oh no, they have put me in the freezer maybe?”. All kinds of thoughts entered my mind. Maybe this, maybe that? I wasn’t able to think straight either after that. See what money is doing to me? I sent the advertiser a message and told them the problem. Later in the night, I tried again and yippeee….I managed to submit it. Phew!!!!

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Glorious Fruits :D

I have been gobbling on these 2 fruits for the past few days. They are some of my all-time favorite fruits…..Duku Langsat and Mangosteen. I just love them. My mom bought them from the market on Sunday. I think she got 3 kgs each. Yummy. I ate so much that my perut sakit but still it is worth it. Unfortunately, I don’t get to eat these all year round. I think next I will buy some rambutans and longans too. I saw a lot of them being sold by the roadside. They all came out during the King of the Fruit season. Better eat them before the season is over 🙂 What’s your favourite?

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She likes the hot stuff….;D

We just found out a few days ago that Ashley likes to eat curry noodle. Heehehehee…mixed with sambal too. My husband was eating his curry noodle and Ashley kept insisting that she wants to eat some too eventhough we told her that it was ‘hot’. So, hubby put some noodles in her mouth and she chewed a bit. Then she stuck out her tongue for a while and then swallowed the noodles. She didn’t complain or cry 🙂 I quickly gave her some water and next, she asked for more noodles 😀 Funny thing is that she doesn’t like ketchup 🙂 Kids!
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My Eye Checkup

I went for my eye check-up today and reached the eye center around 11am. My appointment was at 11.20am and there were already 5 people ahead of me. I thought I would have to wait for a long time so I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down with a magazine. Before I could take 2 sips, my name was called 😀 That was fast! The checkup took about 15 minutes and I was told that the astigmatism on my left eye has increased. Other than that, everything is fine. Thank goodness!

Then, hubby and I went to a coffee shop opposite the eye center for lunch. He ordered a plate of dry curry noodle while I had fish and vege (without rice) from the mixed rice stall. Cost me RM6 for that. TTDI is such an expensive place to eat. After lunch, we decided to go home and walked to our car. On the way, I came across a beauty salon which offers manicure/pedicure and spa service. What intrigued me was that they use dead sea salt for their spa treatment. Maybe I should give it a try since I have been wanting to visit a spa for quite some time already and I have never used dead sea salt before. I wonder if my sisters would like to join me at the spa.
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The Bag Update :D

Some of you must be thinking…here she goes talking about that bag again 😀 Ok la, this is the last time I’m gonna blog about de bag 😀 In my earlier post, I mentioned that I went to Petaling Street on Saturday and bought 1 for my sister. You won’t believe this….I went again on Sunday and got 1 for myself ;D I know, I’m crazy.

Since I can’t get the original, a non-authentic one will do too ;D I paid RM50 for it. As usual, the asking price was RM100, went down to RM85, I walked away and the guy asked me how much I want it for. I said RM50 and he said fine 😀 Actually, I found out that the original was made in China and so was this (probably from the same manufacturer). I saw some knock-off versions being sold on Ebay too 🙂

There is a slight difference between my bag and my sister’s. The wordings are further apart on my bag.
Here is a pic of mine.

This is my sister’s bag. Can you spot the difference?

Oh, and mine came with this protective bag too ;D

Other than that, I think the bags look almost the same as the real thang. What do you think? The wordings come in four different colours such as pink, blue, green and brown. I saw a few bags which are not in white background but pink and light brown. So, if you see me with this bag, you know it’s not a real one *wink wink* LOL.

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Unable to check emails!!

This morning when I tried to check my emails at the streamyx account, I was surprised that a message came on, asking me to verify my login name and password. I knew something is wrong already. I tried a few times and the same thing happened. The server must be experiencing some problems. Luckily I was able to surf the internet, otherwise I will surely faint because I have assignments to do. I called the streamyx technical support and the line was busy. I kept trying and managed to get through to their automated customer service. Apparently, they knew users have problem checking their emails and they were looking into the problem. Luckily around 10pm, all is well again. However, now, the connection is pretty slow. Sigh 🙁 What is the problem, Streamyx?
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My Baby Is Counting :D

I just heard Ashley counting from 1 to 10 today. I can’t believe my ears. She sat on the coffee table when I was at the computer and started pointing with her finger and said, One, Twoo, Twee, Four, Five, Six, Sarven, Eeet, Nine, TEN! I almost cried with joy…. As a mommy, hearing your baby count for the first time is just unbelievably sweet. I kept asking her to repeat them! She must be thinking something is wrong with her mommy 😀 I haven’t actually taught her 1 to 10 but have been singing to her the Ten Little Indian Boys nursery rhyme. I guess her por por must have been drilling the numbers into her 😀 Ashley is learning a lot of new words and it’s hard to keep track how many words she knows now. She is growing up fast 😀

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Multi-Tasking Mommies

Recently, my sister emailed me a funny picture. She said that the picture reminds her of me and other mommies who are doing paid posts. I had a good laugh too when I saw it. Muahahaahha….I so wish that everything is just within reach so that I don’t have to get up from the chair 😀 I wonder if this mommy would agree with me?

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Soup is the best

Ashley loves to drink soups. If she knows that we have cooked some soup for her, she would refuse to eat other things and kept asking for the soup. Therefore, I only give her the soup once she had finished her lunch or dinner 😀 Bad mommy eh? The kind that she likes are ABC soup, Miso soup, Herbal soup, etc. I have yet to let her try the ‘English’ soups like Creamy Mushroom, etc. Below is the yummy lotus root with wolfberries. This is also one of my favourites. I’m surprised that Ashley also likes to eat the lotus root 😀
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Mommy & Daddy’s Day Out ;D

Since my mom is here, my hubby and I left Ashley in her care and both of us went out today. Just where did we go? Petaling Street, of course ;D Not my favourite place but I want to check out THE bag which I mentioned earlier. Yes, they have the bag and it does look a lot like the original. Though I have only seen the original bag online, I could somehow guess how the actual one looks like ;D At Petaling Street, the bags come in 2 sizes. The canvas bag is white but the letterings and trimmings are in 4 colours such as the original brown, pink, blue and green. Of course the best is the brown letterings. The interesting part is the price of the bag. I approached the first stall I saw and they quoted me RM110. The guy told me it was the best price 🙂 Then I went to the 2nd stall and the price was RM75. Next stall quoted me RM65. So, did I get the bag? Yes, I bought it for my sister at RM50 after much bargaining. I forgot to snap a photo of the bag *slaps forehead*.
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