Chinese Halloween

Tomorrow is the fourteenth day of the seventh lunar month. If you are Chinese, you would know that the seventh lunar month is the Ghost month and tomorrow is the Ghost Day aka the Chinese Halloween ;D Many people will be busy preparing food offerings to the spirits of the visiting ancestors. My mother-in-law is one of them. So, tomorrow, we will be heading over to her place as she’ll be cooking up a storm. There goes my diet ;D
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8 Random Tags About My Mum

Wow..this is the first time I’m doing a tag on someone else. Lovely Mummy would like to know about my mum so, here it goes –

1. My mum is 65 year old
2. She experienced the greatest pain when she gave birth to me. I’m her firstborn and was overdue.
3. My mum worked full-time for over 20 years and at the same time took care of her 3 children single-handedly
4. She is quite a vainpot ;D
5. My mum loves to go to the market and pasar malam
6. She loves to dye her hair
7. My mum is very creative.
8. She loves her only grandchild to bits ;D

Ok, all done. Who am I gonna tag? Just 2 mommies –

i) Health Freak Mommy
ii) Elly

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Por Por is here again :D

Yippee…my mum arrived today. She went to Ipoh last week and came back to KL today. My mum will be staying for a week or so. The last time she stayed over was about a month ago. Ashley will have someone to play with and take her out for walks again. She was so happy to see her por por today and she kept jumping up and down šŸ˜€ At least for the next few days, I can have some ‘Me’ time and also get to work more on my computer.
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A Wonderful Advertiser

Normally when my ‘CNN’ network buddy received offers from this particular advertiser, she would sms me and asked me to check my account. Unfortunately, I haven’t been getting any from them. Could it be an error in the system? So, this morning I decided to send an email to this advertiser informing them that I have not been receiving any offers from them for a week. To my surprise, their support replied immediately and asked me to do a test run in my account. Then a few hours later, I received another email from them, informing me that they have released some offers about 4 hours ago and they have reserved some for me. I quickly checked my account and was ecstatic to see the offers. Now, isn’t that nice of them? šŸ˜€
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Busy Day

Today is our weekly visit to my dad’s office. As usual, Ashley had a fun time at kung kung’s office. Riding her bike, climbing up and down the sofa, asking kung kung to vacate his seat so that she could sit on it and play with all his pens *slaps forehead*. After we left my dad’s office, we went to One Utama for dinner. Mom’s Care is having a sale and there are lots of good bargains for baby stuff like clothing, stroller and car seat. Wanted to get Ashley a belt but couldn’t find any her size.

I went into Forever 21 but almost got lost seeing all those funky clothes and accessories. I seem to have trouble looking for clothes as there are so many things everywhere šŸ˜€ Just how do people shop in Forever 21? Then I hopped over to Gap and to my surprise, they are having a sale too. Some clothes and bags are 50% off. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy anything there as Ashley was being naughty and won’t let me shop in peace. Gotta go there again without her šŸ˜€ We arrived home around 8.30pm. A rather long and busy day.
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Some people are just so …… :(

I have a friend whose daughter is 3 months older than Ashley. We haven’t met for a long time but would chat on the phone once every few months. Yesterday, she called and our conversations were mostly about our daughters. When she found out that Ashley was still wearing diapers, all hell break loose. She said her daughter has stopped wearing diapers when she was 16 months and she is such a clever girl, blah blah, blah…. She kept saying that it was her daughter who wanted to stop wearing diaper because she kept removing it by herself. She went on and on about how smart her daughter is who keeps waking up in the middle of the night to pee in the potty, etc, etc, etc. Well, good for her but she kept repeating this, “Oh, Ashley is STILL wearing diapers”. I really felt like hanging up the phone yesterday. What is it with these people eh?

Ashley reading her favourite Barney book in the car

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One Word Tag

I owe a few people some tags but I really can’t remember them šŸ™ Very sorry. If you have tagged me and I haven’t done it, please remind me, ok? This latest one is by Jayden’s mommy šŸ˜€ This is my one word tag –

Where is your cell phone? Next to me
Relationship? With my cell phone? Owner and phone.
Your hair? Ugly
Work? 24 hours a day
Your sister? What about them?
Your favorite thing? My laptop
Your dream last night? I can’t remember
Your favorite drink? Coffee ;D
Your dream car? SLK compressor
The room youā€™re in? living room
Your shoes? not wearing any
Your fears? lizards
What do you want to be in 10 years? happy
Who did you hang out with this weekend? my friend, Elly and her son, Mika
What are you not good at? maths
Muffin? Yummy
One of your wish list items? no children suffering in the world
Where you grew up? Ipoh
Last thing you did? typed Ipoh
What are you wearing? shorts and tshirt
What arenā€™t you wearing? who wants to know?
Your pet? Tyson the rottie
Your computer? Compaq
Your life? so so
Your mood? rather cranky
Missing? my friends
What are you thinking about right now? my friends
Your car? a korean car
Your kitchen? too small
Your summer? all year long
Your favorite color? black
Last time you laughed? a while ago
Last time you cried? can’t remember
School? i miss it
Love? my family

Well, not tagging anyone too.

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As mentioned in my earlier post, we went to Amcorp Mall on Sunday and met up with Elly and Mika. Elly gave Ashley some lovely books and a bag of Ashley’s favourite snack. It was so nice of her. Thank you Auntie BG šŸ˜€

It was the flea market day at Amcorp and my favourite stalls are those that sell pastry. I love pastry and sometimes it’s hard to control myself from buying puffs, scones, etc. There were also stalls that sell clothing and I bought Ashley a pair of Gap pants from one of the stores. I think the name of the shop is Little Haven but they had set up a stall at the flea market on the ground floor. It has lots of nice children’s clothing.

We left Amcorp at around 4.30pm, after we all had some snacks at McD. On the way out of the mall, I saw a stall selling homemade scones. Of course, I can never resist them so I got 3 for RM5 šŸ˜€ Yummy!

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Lots of Paid Posts

I’m really rushing to finish some assignments this week and I have been trying to do at least 4 paid posts a day plus a non-paid post. Therefore, I am terribly sorry if you visit my blog and see so many paid posts ;D I have already tricked this mommy once when she thought I wrote a post about my husband when in actual fact, it was paid post. LOL. I am trying to hit my target and hope that I will continue to get assignments every day. I hope all of you will not run away from my blog ;D Gotta make some money to support my crazy shopping spree ;D

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Oink Oink

Yesterday, we went to Amcorp Mall to meet my good friend, Elly and her son, Mika in the afternoon. Before we went out, my husband changed Ashley while I got myself ready. When I went out to the door, I saw that Ashley was wearing her PJs. Arrrrgggggghhhh!!!!!!

I had laid down a set of PJs and Ashley’s going out clothes on the bed and my husband just changed her into the PJs. Men!!!! Just have to give him specific instructions, otherwise, you see what happened? I didn’t know whether to laugh or to be angry when I saw Ashley in her PJs getting ready to go out.

I quickly took her inside and changed her again. As we were running a bit late, I told Ashley to hurry. This is what I said to her :-

Me : Ashley, hurry up please, mommy is sweating like a pig already.

Ashley : Pig? Oink Oink Oink


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