Mommy is busy…

I spend a lot of time on the computer these days and I sometimes neglect Ashley šŸ™ I do feel bad so I have been trying to spend more time with her and less time on the pc. Nowadays, she takes shorter naps i.e. 45 mins during mid-morning and about 1 hour in the evening. During those times, I would try to do my paid posts and some housework. So, you can imagine me rushing like a mad woman. Sometimes I even forget to eat my lunch….muahahahaa (hey, for those who saw me during the weekend, do you find me looking slimmer???)

Usually Ashley would not let me sit in front of the computer. She would be tugging at my hand, asking me to leave or she would bring lots of books to me and ask me to read them. Once in a while when she’s engrossed with her toys and books, I would creep to my computer and start working or blog-hopping..hehehehe. I managed to capture some photos of her playing by herself when I’m busy at the computer –

climbing up and down the chairs

reading magazines and books (can you see the mess?)

being silly on the mattress ;D

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Unfinished business :(

I am really tired and my eyes are really heavy. I have about 10 more assignments to do this week. It’s really crazy and I’m trying my best to do at least 2 a day plus some of my own posts in between. Ashley has been very naughty and kept disturbing me when I’m at the computer. She would press the mouse, the keyboard or touch the screen šŸ™ How to get work done? I feel bad when I don’t get any assignments and I complain when I have them. Really hard to please huh? LOL. Gotta put more eyedrops in my eyes. Sometimes I relax my eyes by putting some cool cucumber over them. A 5-minute power nap does wonders too (if Ashley would let me).

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Gathering Part II

I forgot to mention the names of the bloggers who attended the gathering on Saturday;D Well, they are :-

Yvonne & Ryan
Julian, Morin & Raelynne
Sabrina & family
Jasmine & family
LaundryAmah & Kieran
Shannon & family
Nadia & family
Mom2Ashley & family
Egghead & family
Annie & the twins
Sasha & family
Angeline & Oscar
Elly & Mika
Tracy & family
and moi šŸ˜€

You can read more about the gathering here :


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The Gathering

Yesterday afternoon, we (15 bloggers and their families) had a lunch gathering at the Marmalade Cafe, Bangsar Village II. It was a farewell gathering for Yvonne. Since Julian and his family were in town, they were also present. Also at the gathering was Sabrina and her family all the way from Taiping, i think ;D It was nice seeing everyone and I think the children had a wonderful time at the play area. I am so happy to finally get the chance to meet up with Ashley Wong and Raelynne. They are so adorable. Oh, I’m also delighted to meet little Aidan at last…initially I thought he wasn’t going to come with his parents šŸ˜€ He slept throughout the 3 hours we were there. So cute! First time attending a blogger gathering is my friend, Elly and her son, Mika. The food was delicious at Marmalade but the place was not very conducive for big crowds, especially during lunch hour. I didn’t take many photos (slaps forehead) Here are some of the pics I got –

Lil Missy Ashley

Vkytore and Raelynne



Irfan with a cookie in his mouth ;D

Fearles and Cruz

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My First Paycheck From Loud Launch

Yippee…..When I checked my account yesterday, I saw that Loud Launch has paid me for some of my posts. Thank you Loud Launch!!! It’s wonderful to be able to write their campaigns as they have a variety of interesting topics. They have a unique system on how bloggers take and submit the campaigns. If you are also writing for them, you would know what I mean ;D I just want to say that it has been great working with them šŸ˜€

So, how much is my paycheck? Well, it’s enough for me to get a few pairs of shoes during this Mega Sales Carnival. LOL! Now, where is the nearest Clarks store………….;D

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No Time At All

Boy, there is so much to do but so little time. My favourite advertiser has just sent me about 7 assignments and I am really thankful for that šŸ˜€ I really like working with them and always look forward to their assignments. Then, I have another 8 outstanding assignments from another advertiser. They have to be completed within these few days. This means that I have to complete at least 4 a day plus some non-paid posts in between ;D
I’ll be meeting some mommies and daddies this afternoon at Bangsar Village II . It’s a farewell gathering for Yvonne. Will blog about it and post the pics later. So much to do and so little time šŸ˜€ Ok, gotta go crack my brains ;D
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Outing With Daddy :D

Yesterday was the Pasar Malam night at our area. My husband suggested that we go to the Pasar Malam after dinner. Since I was busy doing paid posts as usual, yeah…I still have many assignments from other great advertisers, I decided not to go out. I asked my hubby to take Ashley out if wanted to go. Hahaha…this is the first time that Ashley went out with her daddy without her mommy. It was such a good break for me to catch up with work at the computer and both of them came back after an hour or so. Of course they didn’t come back empty-handed. Daddy bought Ashley some toys ;D Ashley was well-behaved and didn’t pinch anyone while walking around the Pasar Malam šŸ˜€ So, I hope my husband will take Ashley out more often (all by himself) šŸ˜€
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About TigaPi Again

This morning, I received an email from them rejecting one of my posts. I have 3 days to resubmit. Since my akaun telah dibekukan, how can I resubmit? I have written an email to them but have yet to receive a reply. Luckily the post is only lima dolar ;D No problem if still kena reject as I have lain-lain bosses who are paying me 5 kali more than that for some assignments. Since they are so ‘l c l y’, they can go terbang layang-layang, for all I care! I still have lapan assignments pending from other bosses ;D Life is good šŸ™‚
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Nursery Rhymes In The Shower

Every time when I shower, Ashley would be in the bathroom with me. I have no choice but to bring her into the bathroom as I don’t want to leave her alone in the bedroom or living room unsupervised. Whenever I step into the shower stall, Ashley would wave goodbye to me and I’ll close the shower curtain.
In order to keep her busy, I would have to start singing all kinds of nursery rhymes while taking my bath. When I’m singing, she would join me if she knows certain parts of the lyrics and at the same time, she’ll act out too. So, you can imagine me scrubbing away and singing nursery rhymes out loud. My neighbour must be wondering why this woman sings a lot of nursery rhymes every day around 10.30am. LOL.
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Account Freezed

When I read about this mommy’s account being freezed by P** yesterday, I really felt bad for her. Then when I checked my email this morning, I got the shocked of my life. My account with P** is also freezed. The email mentioned that it was brought to their attention that something had happened and they need to suspend it for a week for further investigation. What have I done? No interim/filler posts in between? Eventhough I do paid posts for other advertisers, I always make sure that there is a non-paid post between every P** post that I do.
Investigate all you want but don’t freeze my account. It’s like a slap in the face. To be honest, I am very dissappointed. We are just stay-at-home mothers trying to make some extra money. It is already difficult trying to grab the opportunities and now this has to happen.
Someone who visited my blog must have seen that I have been doing quite a number of paid posts and is not happy about it. What are you, yes you… I am talking about YOU, getting in return for reporting to P**? Cash reward or some shiny award for your bedside table? Do you sleep better at night for having done this? Well, I have something for you. To the person or persons who have done this to us mommies, may you choke on your food each time you eat and purge nonstop. THANK YOU!
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