How Vain I Am?

This mommy wants to know if I’m a vainpot or not šŸ˜€ Well, what do ya know…..I’m not even half a vainpot….hahahahaha. I just love shopping for clothes and shoes ;D

You Are 39% Vain

Okay, so you’re slightly vain from time to time, but you’re not superficial at all.
You are realistic. You know that looks matter. You just try to make them matter less.

Whoever wants to check if they are vain or not, you may click on the link above. Try it and have some fun.
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Shopping Trolley

We bought Ashley a shopping trolley from Tesco recently. We want to train her to push the trolley so that next time when we do our grocery shopping, she’ll be pushing it instead of us. LOL….just kidding! When I was little, there was no such toy available and so when I saw it, I have to get one for Ashley šŸ˜‰

It came with some toy food stuff and vegetables. Actually this shopping trolley is kind of small and Ashley had to bend down to push it. Sometimes she would put her books in there and push it for a while. Sometimes, she would do this……

Then, she’ll say, “hat” and walk around the place with the trolley on her head šŸ˜€

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August 8

While doing a paid post just now, I realised that today is August 8th. This is the day that my hubby and I registered our marriage in Toronto ;D That was way back in 1992. Pretty long eh? Yeah…we are an old couple already ;D Both of us were in our early 20’s then and my husband was already a PR of Canada. We had to get married because I need to have a PR in order to stay in Canada with him. Being so young and naive, we just simply chose a convenient date to coincide the weekend. It so happened that the date was August, 8th which sounds auspicious according to the Chinese ;D I wonder if my hubby remembers about our wedding anniversary.
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Sorry Mommy….

After dinner last night, Ashley went into the computer room with her daddy. She loves playing inside the room as there are many things for her to explore. She would play with the fax phone, files, etc. This computer room is also used as a store room where we keep most of the household items.

My husband was as usual, busy playing with his computer games. I heard a loud thud and then my husband’s voice, Oh No!“. He didn’t notice that Ms. Curious has taken a bottle of NappiKleen and because the bottle is quite heavy, it slipped from her hands. When I went to take a look, the floor was covered with bluish liquid. The father and daughter dared not move and just stared at me. I quickly carried Ashley to the bathroom and wash her feet. Then I went back to the room and clean up the mess. About 3/4 of the NappiKleen was on the floor and I had to use 2 rolls of toilet paper to soak them up and at least 5 pails of water to wipe the floor *pengsan* I was really angry at both of them. My husband was supposed to keep an eye on her but he did not and Ms. Curious should not be playing with those things in the room šŸ™

When I came out of the room, Ashley said sorry and for the rest of the night, she didn’t dare to go inside the room šŸ˜€
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Funny Advertisement.

Has anyone seen the two advertisements on Astro promoting Astro On Demand? Boy, I just can’t help laughing each time I see it. It’s about a DVD seller trying to sell his pirated movies to all the uncles and aunties. The people who came out with this ad are really creative. Hats off to them! I can’t help but wonder if the guy in the ad is a DVD seller in real life because he sure looks like one. hahahahahaa.
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Not Me!!

This evening as I was getting Ashley ready for her shower, she suddenly let out some gas. It was quite long and she smiled sheepishly at me after it was over. Then, I asked her, “Ashley, who farted?” Without hesitation, she answered, “Daddy” and laughed. Hahahaha…it was so funny that I burst out laughing. My little baby is one cheeky munchkin!
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No Shoes :(

I thought it would exciting to find out what type of a women’s shoe I am, since I love shoes so much. Could I belong to the flats? Or the 2-inch heels? Alas, I found out that I am not a shoe person.

You are Barefoot!

You’re a total free spirit, go with the flow girl
You can’t be restricted by shoes for very long
And unsuprisingly, the same goes for men
Your match is out there – and he’s as carefree as you are

This is a funny analysis of my personality. I am not what is described above.

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Toys Again

My hubby saw an ad in the newspaper yesterday about the Hasbro toys warehouse sale which started yesterday. He can’t wait to check it out and so, this afternoon after Ashley had her lunch, we made a visit there. The warehouse was in an industrial area in Shah Alam. As soon as we reached there, I could see that there weren’t many people. Since today is the last day, I think most of the toys were already sold out. What’s left were some Playdohs and the following toys –

They cost RM15 each, which according to my husband is pretty cheap šŸ˜‰ Of course these toys are not for Ashley. It’s the big kid who wants them šŸ˜€ Don’t ask me how he’s planning to play with them *shake head*
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Yummy Pan Mee

Today, I had this for breakfast.

It is a delicious bowl of Pan Mee. It has lots of minced meat, ikan bilis and veges. I always order the ‘torn up’ pan mee instead of the long noodle type. It comes with a delicious sambal. *Slurp slurp* (the photo doesn’t look too good eh? sorry, i’m not very good at taking photos of food. Got to learn from Shannon, Sasha and Angeline).

I’m actually on a diet and haven’t had any noodles for the past 2 months ;D Of course, I was really craving for this Pan Mee (no, I’m not preggie…hahahaa). Before my diet, hubby and I usually have this noodle twice a week. This Pan Mee is being sold at a coffeeshop in my area. I think the name of the coffeeshop is called Swee Hing. It is really, really good. The stall that sells this is very packed every day. On weekends, you have to be early in order to buy the Pan Mee, otherwise, there will be a long queue. Hmm…I wonder if Vien or Mott have tried the Pan Mee from this stall.

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About Queen’s Park

Since Health Freak Mommy asked me about Queen’s Park, I’ll write more about it (good filler post for me). Queen’s Park is a strip mall which house many fashion outlets. This place is at Jalan Peel and just opposite Carrefour. You won’t be able to miss it if you are travelling along Jalan Peel.
Some of the brand names available there are Esprit, Giordano, Club 21, MNG, FOS, F J Benjamin, A-Look, Anakku. Other non-clothing stores are Guardian Pharmacy, Watson, Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, a few Chinese and Mamak restaurants, Sushi King and a convenience store.
My favourite stores are Esprit and Club 21. The clothing and accessories are quite affordable. At Esprit, you can find childrens’ clothing from as low as RM10. A lot of selection for mens and womens clothing and the price range is between RM19 to RM129. At Club 21, you would be able to get up to 70% discount on certain brands like DKNY, Calvin Klein, BCBG, etc. I hope they will open more outlets at Queen’s Park and turn this place into something like outlet malls in the US. If you have not been there before, why don’t you check out soon and shop till you drop ;D
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