The Biggest So Far :D

Recently, I have started writing paid posts for an advertiser. I must say that I do enjoy writing for them as they have a variety of interesting topics. Their minimum payout is $5 and just a few days ago, I was so happy to find an offer that pays very well. It is the highest I have got since I started doing paid posts. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the amount and quickly reserved it. Just unbelievable!!!! Eventhough I was quite tired, I quickly did the review and post it. I was so surprised to find that my post was approved in less than 24 hours. Isn’t that great? Every day, I just can’t wait to check out offers from this advertiser D
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Nice People

Since I started blogging, I have made friends with so many wonderful mommies. I really enjoy knowing every one of them. I get lots of great advice and ideas from them. Life would be so dull without these wonderful people šŸ˜€
Recently, I got to know this nice mommy who is very much into doing paid posts just like me…hahahahah. She knows how difficult it is to get offers because some advertisers only release offers at a certain time of the day. So, whenever this particular advertiser release some offers, she would send me an sms and ask me to check my account immediately. How nice is that? Thank you very much, Shireen. I must belanja you next time when we meet šŸ˜€
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More Shopping Again ……… ;D

This is a continuation of my shopping recently….hahahaha. I mentioned about Zara’s sale earlier and finally popped over last weekend at One Utama. Well, sad to say, I couldn’t find anything I like there. Some of the pants are still quite expensive:( However, I saw many ladies with piles and piles of clothes waiting to pay. I also couldn’t find anything that I like for Ashley. So, I left empty handed.

Then I hopped over to MNG which is also having a sale. Got myself a pair of capris. Can’t leave empty handed, can I šŸ˜€ Then I checked out Reject Shop (another favourite shop of mine) and got a set of PJs for Ashley. Ahhhhh….satisfied at last. I don’t know about you but I had to buy something when I’m at the mall, otherwise I’ll feel restless…LOL. Here is what I got –

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Can’t submit again!!!!!

This morning, I managed to grab an opportunity from P**. 2 hours later, I tried to submit the post. However, I wasn’t able to do it. I saw the same dreaded message again…that I did not include the required link, etc…. I checked, double checked, triple checked and still the same thing. It was so frustrating. I really don’t know what happened. I thought I’ll wait for a while and go back to try again but I overlooked the time. It has passed 6 hours and I can’t submit anymore. Sigh…..what a waste. I must remember never again to accept opportunities that require too many links.
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Thyroid Talk

Women are more likely to develop thyroid problems than men. If you want to know what are the symptoms of thyroid problems, do check out It is a website dedicated to help people with thyroid problems. Thyroid Talk was created by Ms. Samantha Long who is suffering from an underactive thyroid problem. She understands the real issues associated with this problem and would like to help those who face the same condition.

Visitors to this website will be able to find 143 thyroid articles in their news section. There is also a thyroid chat and discussion area for thyroid sufferers to discuss news, views and offer help on related issues. Also available is a list of thyroid associations around the world who may be able to offer further help and advice on hyperthyroidism treatment and hypothyroidism related problems.

Right now, you can download an e-book titled, “Hypothyroidism in Perimenopause and Menopause, An Essential Guide for Thyroid Sufferers”. All you need to do is to fill in a form and you would be able to download immediately. Thyroid Talk is certainly a very informative and useful website for thyroid sufferers.
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Ms. Choosy Ashley

Recently, I bought a pair of sandals for Ashley. I’ve been looking for this type of sandals for a long time. Ok, I mean a cheap one because most of them are quite costly, you know what I mean? LOL. So when I saw this pair at World of Sports, I was very pleased because I like the colour and and it cost RM26. Not bad eh?

So, when we went out the next day, hubby put the sandals on for Ashley and guess what? She refused to wear them. She kept removing it and took her fakey crocs from the shelf and wanted to put them on *faint* My baby is all grown up now and insist on picking her own shoes….I guess she’ll be picking her own clothes to wear next.

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My mum bought Ashley a mini xylophone a couple of days ago. Ashley was happy to play with her new toy and kept banging it to create her own music šŸ˜€

Much later, she took the two sticks and stuck them on her table. Then she clasped her hands together and moved them up and down. At first, I was wondering what she was doing. Then, I realised that she was actually doing an impression of praying!

I guess she must have saw my MIL praying at her house during the recent ‘Ching Ming’. MIL had lit some red candles and joss-sticks and placed them on the table, together with some food. Ashley did not touch those things but was staring at them intently that day. Children do funny immitations ;D

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I Have YouMail

I just found a wonderful new cellphone service called YouMail. This superb service replaces your cellphone voicemail and allows you to record unique and one-of-a-kind personalized greeting messages for each contact in your phone. is a free service and the thing that I like most is that you can even retrieve your messages online and then save them to your computer. That way you get to save your important messages forever.
All you need to do is sign up to create a YouMail account by providing them your cellphone number and email account. It only takes a few minutes to do that and they have a really easy to follow account set-up tutorial to guide you through.
With an account, you are all set to record personal greetings for your friends and families. You can even record professional greetings for clients too. Another cool feature from YouMail which I like is “DitchMail” which allows you to hang up on unwanted callers after your customized greeting. Those callers won’t even get to leave a voicemail on your phone. How brilliant is that? YouMail has been getting rave reviews from New York Times, CNBC, Newsweek and MobileCrunch. They have certainly taken cellphone voicemail to another level.

If you have called my cell phone and heard a quirky voicemail greeting, you would know that I’ve got YouMail šŸ˜€ For more details, do visit today.
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About paid posts again…

I have written a few offers for this particular advertiser (dua L) but so far, the posts are still pending in the account. I wonder why? If they want to reject them, it’s fine cos then I would know the reasons but now after almost 1 month, they are still pending. I wonder if other bloggers face the same thing. I’m not sure if I should take any more offers from them. Sigh….
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An Award for Moi???

I’m so honoured ;D This nice mommy has given me an award. Guess I can still rock after being a mommy ;D Thank you very much for this cool award.

I’m going to pass this award to some of my blogging friends too. They are :-


You girls rock too!!! Hope you like this award as much as I do šŸ˜€

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