The Sale is ON!!!!!

Yipeee…..I just saw their ad in the newspaper the other day. They are having a SALE!!!! Who am I talking about? My all-time favourite store – ZARA. I hope they have discounts for their summer collection. I just love their shorts and capris. Yeah…I’m a capri person. I wear capris all the time. Luckily I don’t get many dinner invitations, otherwise I won’t know what to wear as my wardrobe only has jeans and capris ;D
Okie dokie….time for some retail therapy. I can’t wait to check them out this weekend ;D I wonder if this hot mama is just as excited as moi ? LOL.
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My Diet

After seeing how big I looked in some of the recent photos, I have decided to go on a diet. I’ve tried Atkins Diet before but it’s not working for me lately. So, I started my own diet plan. My husband also joined me as he also wants to lose some extra weight 😀 This is what I have for lunch everyday –

Sometimes I replace the sausages with a slice of chicken ham. Breakfast will be a cup of coffee. This is what I have for dinner –

This is vege soup which I cook with lettuce, inoki mushrooms and beancurd. Sometimes I would eat a salad instead.

This is the salad I got from KFC…..not exactly healthy because of the popcorn chicken. However, I’ve only eaten this once 😀 When I’m hungry, I’ll snack on fruits or raisins. I have started this diet about 2 weeks ago and so far I have lost 2kg. I’m pretty happy with the results and so is my husband (I mean he is happy with the weight HE has lost). I could see that his tummy is not so big anymore. Once in a while I’ll ask him if he sees any difference in me and he’ll say I still look the same. Men!!! I probably dyed my hair green and he would still not notice it.

I still need to lose about 2 kg in order to go back to my pre-Ashley days 😀 I can fit into my jeans but it’s quite tight around the tummy. Hope I’ll be able to lose the kangaroo pouch soon. On the other hand, what would happen to all the clothes I’ve got for the past 2 years?
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Strange things are happening

Yesterday afternoon, I saw some new opportunity at P**. I grabbed one and started to do my post. It took about 30 minutes and then I submitted it. Right after I clicked ‘Take the O**”, there is a red message on top saying that the O** has been taken up. What?????? How could that happened? I have reserved for it. Sigh….this is actually the 2nd time it has happened to me.

Later, I grabbed another o** and when I submitted it, the message came on and said I didn’t use the correct link, etc. I fixed it and did everything over and over again. Yet I wasn’t able to submit my post. It took me 30 minutes to do the post and another 40 minutes trying to submit. In the end, I gave up.

I spent 2 hours doing the above and in the end I couldn’t submit them 🙁 Bummer!! I’ve given them a ticket and still waiting for them to look into it. Has any of you experienced this before?

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Miss Piggytails

So happy! happy! I finally get a chance to tie Ashley’s hair. It’s a big deal to me because Ashley doesn’t like anything on her hair. No hairclips, hairbands, rubberbands and hats. She would pull everything out as soon as they touched her head.
When I managed to tie her hair, I went on a frenzy and started snapping photos 😀 Of course I have to tie them up real quick before she starts fidgeting and changes her mind (tsk tsk tsk). At least now her piggytails would stay for a couple of hours.
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A day at Grandpa’s House.

It was my dad’s birthday on Saturday. We dropped by his house after lunch for a small celebration. Ashley had so much fun running everywhere. She did not stop to rest at all. Climbed onto the sofa, climbed onto the piano chair and played with the piano, ran to the kitchen and played with all the fridge magnets, etc.
She actually had her kung kung wrapped around her fingers 😉 First she asked him to take her upstairs.

What did she do upstairs?

Playing with the remote controls in the TV room or

jumping and rolling on her kung kung’s bed.

Then, she asked her kung kung to take her downstairs.

This went on for at least 3 times and her kung kung obeyed the wishes of Her Royal Highness. Geez…he wasn’t that patient with us when we were young 😀


Finally, we all sang the birthday song and Ashley blew the candles and not my dad 😀 As usual, my dad had the ice-cream cake which was already melting eventhough it was brought out from the freezer for only 5 minutes. The cake was kinda small actually, but it’s alright cos hubby and I are on a diet….hahhaaha.

Her Royal Highness had some of the cake and then off she went, jumping around in the living room. I thought she would be so tired that she’ll nap in the car on the way home but she didn’t 🙁 That night, I was so tired that konked out before her.

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He cannot stand it anymore…..

Yes, my hubby cannot stand it anymore. Ever since I started doing more paid posts, I have been hogging his laptop. He cannot play with his computer games or surf the net anymore. We have another pc but that it’s rather slow and it’s in the store room.

So, he went out and got me another laptop 😀 That was very nice of him..heheheheh. The laptop is a simple one, nothing fancy but just enough for me to surf and do my stuff 😀

That’s my soup dinner next to the laptop. Don’t have much time so I eat while I surf 😀 Hubby is now so glad to have his baby back. He is happy and I am happy too 😀

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Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my dad’s birthday. He is er…..let me see……..10, 20………64 years young today 😀 We will be heading to his house later today for a little celebration. Ashley will be thrilled to run around his kung kung’s house and climbing all over the sofa. Guess I’ll be one tired mommy after the celebration. Gotta run after the lil’ monkey and keep her out of mischief. Will post the photos later.
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It’s a small world after all.

We went out after dinner just now. On the way to our car, I saw a lady coming out of her car with 2 children. Ashley got very excited when she saw the children and she kept saying ‘baby’, baby’. As they came closer, I could recognise the children. Guess who I bumped into? This hip and cool mama and her 2 princesses 😀 What a nice surprise!
We actually live in the same building and didn’t know that. Actually, when I first visited her blog, I said to myself that her princesses looked familiar. Then when I saw the photo of her husband in the blog, he too look familiar to me. Guess we have been neighbours for so long and didn’t realise it……hahahaha. Her girls are so adorable. Ashley has 2 new friends who live nearby now 😀
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Still paranoid….

This afternoon, we went to our lawyer’s office to sign some documents. The office was located on the 2nd floor of a shop office. As soon as we took the stairs up, Ashley started to cry. She didn’t want to go up but we insisted so hubby carried her eventhough she was struggling to break free. My poor baby thought we were taking her to see the eye specialist whose office was also located in a similar shop office. Guess she is more afraid of doctors after the eye surgery.As soon as we reached the lawyer’s office, she cried more. Then when the lawyer led us into her room, Ashley started to scream and wanted to run out of the room. It was quite a sight. I tried to pacify her and gave her a Barney book. She didn’t want it. Gave her a sticker book. She didn’t want it. Gave her some snacks. She didn’t want it.

So, hubby took out to the lobby but to no avail. In the end, he had to take her out and waited for me downstairs. When I was done, I took over from hubby while he went up to the see the lawyer. Sigh…..I hope she doesn’t have nightmares tonight. I have explained to her each we go to the paed but yet she still cries whenever she sees the doctor. I wonder when she will get over her fear 🙁
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Tag : I am infected with Blogivitis

This mommy really gave me a scare. She left a comment saying I have been infected with Blogivitis. LOL. I told her that this disease is making my eyes watery and my hands trembling. Here are 10 reasons why I am infected:-

1. I can’t wait to read about other mommies blogs….very ‘kaypoh’

2. At every opportunity, I will sit in front of my computer, even when I’m eating.

3. I dream about blogging every now and then.

4. I even dreamt of some bloggers and their children

5. I began to use a lot of my digital camera, taking photos of almost everything.

6. I kept hogging the computer that my hubby just bought me a computer 2 days ago so I would leave his alone 😀

7. I like to make new friends with fellow bloggers

8. I can’t stop myself from doing paid posts. Lately I have only 6 hours of sleep because of this and now I can’t really think straight 😉

9. Whenever I talk to my hubby or my sisters, the topic of blogging will sure come up.

10. My home is in a mess because I don’t do housework anymore. I just blog whenever I can.

I hope I’m doing this tag correctly. It’s now 1am and I’m really sleepy 😀 Now, who do I want to pass this contagious disease to? Maybe only 3 mommies –

a) Scribbles for my angels

b) Princess Mom

c) Sweetpea

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