slap slap snip snip

We had lunch at a restaurant in Mid Valley last weekend. When waiter came to take our order, Ashley slapped his hand. Then she turned and smiled at us! Later when another waiter brought the food to our table, she slapped his hand too. She thought it was very funny but I don’t think so! I explained to her that it’s not nice to do such thing and asked her not to do it again. She looked at me as if she understood what I was saying. Once we finished our meal, we asked for the bill. A waitress came over with the bill and stood next to Ashley. Guess what? She pinched her shirt. My munchkin has turned into a lil lobster!

Ashley in her ‘gucci’ šŸ˜€

When we reached home, we took the lift to our apartment. Once the lift door opened, a man was standing near it, waiting for us to exit. Miss lil’ lobster slapped him near the groin! I almost fainted from horror. I kept apologising to the poor man and luckily he smiled and say it’s ok. Wonder where she learned to do these naughty things. I must really have a good talk with her.

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Late nights…..

For 2 days in a row already….I’ve been staying up until 2am. No, it’s not because of Ashley. It’s because of this money-making thingy. Got to stay up in order to grab some assignments. They go like hot cakes. I refreshed the screen every 5 seconds but I was still not fast enough….sigh. I really wonder how those lucky people managed to grab the assignments. I kept trying and trying because I don’t want to give up so easily. Luckily during these 2 nights at around 1am, I managed to get one each night. So I quickly typed out the posts eventhough my brain was not thinking straight. Really don’t know how long I can continue to stay up late because I only get about 6 hours sleep now. Therefore, I do understand how Alice is feeling about this.
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Watcha doing?

Hubby and I no longer work on our computer in the room because Ashley just would not let either of us stay inside the room. She would kept banging on the door and insisted that she wants to go in and create havoc. She keeps pulling the cables, banging on the keyboard, playing with the things inside the room. So, we have to put the laptop on the coffeetable in the living room.

See, even that, she would not leave her daddy in peace. She had to lie down on the coffeetable and see what he is doing. FYI, hubby was playing games on his laptop. Ashley refused to budge eventhough I asked her to. She would only come down when she had enough. Toddlers!!!!
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Homemade Mac & Cheese

After reading a post on homemade Mac & Cheese from this mommy, I’ve decided to try it out following her recipe but I changed some of the ingredients. I used spaghetti, a little butter, a tablespoon of milk powder, cheddar cheese, anchovies stock, garlic and minced chicken. I sauteed the garlic first with butter and add mince chicken. Then comes the cheddar cheese, milk powder and anchovies stock. I tasted the sauce and it was good. Very cheesy šŸ˜€ Mine came out like this.

The verdict : Ashley spat everything out.


My lil’ fussy pot!!!!

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New Addition to the Family

No… I am not pregnant. LOL. The above is the ultrasound of my brother-in-law’s baby. He and his wife are expecting their first baby and she is now 5 months pregnant. The baby is due at the end of October. We are so happy for them. In January, I posted about their wedding dinner and a few months later, my sister-in-law is pregnant. Ashley will be a ‘che-che’ very soon šŸ˜€

Both the daddy and mommy-to-be do not want to know the sex of the baby eventhough it can be determined now. They said there aren’t many surprises in this world so they want this to be a surprise. How sweet. With Ashley, we were so eager to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl.

As they are residing in Toronto, we won’t be able to see the baby when he/she is born. My mother-in-law will be going back to Toronto for the birth of her youngest grandchild. Good news is that my-inlaws will be coming back next year with the baby. I just can’t wait!!!

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Birthday Cakes (backdated post)

During her recent birthday celebration, Ashley has 2 birthday cakes. One was the Barney cake at the mega birthday bash. It was a jelly cake and I find it quite good because it wasn’t very sweet. My sister bought her the cake from a lady who lives in Kuchai Lama. I heard she is quite popular.

The other cake was from my dad. He got her a chocolate ice-cream cake from Hargen Daaz. It was yummylicious. Who ended up eating most of it? My dad, of course. He just love pastry and ice-cream. Below is a photo of cake. Ashley didn’t like the cake though, she just enjoyed blowing the candles.

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What a crazy nite!

I have been trying to do more P** and if you are one of the posties, you would understand the mad rush to grab the opportunities. So, last night, I sat in front of the pc while hubby played / babysat Ashley.
I saw some opportunities and tried to grab them but I wasn’t fast enough. So waited for awhile for some new ones and managed to take one. My brain started working as soon as I clicked ‘Take this opportunity’ and trying hard to churn out ideas on what to write as I have only 1 hour to submit. At the same time, I could hear Ashley knocking on the door, wanting to come into the room and she started to get whiny too. I typed furiously and kept going back to back and forth to check.
Then suddenly, all the words disappeared. I really don’t know what happened. I have saved the file earlier and when I clicked view, there was nothing. Panicked! Only 15 minutes left and I tried to remember what I had written earlier. During this mad rush, Ashley who has been coughing, started to vomit. She has phlegm in her throat but doesn’t know how to get rid of them. So I came out of the room and cleaned her real fast while husband cleaned the floor and etc.
Then rushed back to the room and managed to finish the post on time. So I clicked submit and guess what? There was an error message! Great. It seems I didn’t add the required link correctly. So I went back and forth again trying to add the right link and after 5 times, managed to submit the post.
Phew….crazy or not? All for the sake of $$$ ;D
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Finally…a 100!

I started blogging in May 2006, slightly more than a year ago. Yay….I have just reached
100 Posts
I can’t believe that I have written that many posts. I started blogging about about Ashley and then came paid posts šŸ˜€ The first mommy blogger who dropped by (beside my friend) was Mott. She advised me not to stop blogging as I seldom update my blog then. She even told me to blog from my heart šŸ˜€ I told her that my england is not very good and I don’t know what to write sometimes šŸ˜‰ Well, I’m really glad that I didn’t stop and now I’m trying to make some extra moolah with my blog too šŸ˜‰

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In the middle of the night…..

Ashley woke up crying last night. I was already deep in la la land and suddenly I heard her crying loudly and screaming too. I quickly carried her saw that she opened and closed her eyes a few times. Still crying. So I put her down on the bed. Wrong move. She screamed some more and I carried her again. Tried to console her but she was still sobbing. This went on for about 20 minutes. Then I put her down on the bed again and she went to sleep right away. Phew! I guess she must have had a bad dream or she was frightened by the loud thunder earlier in the evening. She was napping at that time and jolted from her nap by the sound of the loud thunder.
Below is a photo of Ashley doing her favourite thing…browsing through flyers, especially the ones from ToysRUs šŸ˜€

Hmm…should I ask mommy to get me one of these Barbie dolls?

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It was raining heavily with lots of lightning and loud thunders around 5pm just now. Ashley was about to take her nap when it began to rain. I wrote about Ashley being timid a few days ago and Mott taught me a thunderstorm song which she sang to her boys when it rains. I sang the song and did some action too. Ashley joined me by doing the drumming action šŸ™‚

She wasn’t that scared anymore. Normally she would cling on to me and put her hands on her heart when she hears the thunder. No koala bear just now. She only jumped once while she was napping because all of a sudden, a really loud thunder appeared. Nope, she didn’t cry.

Thanks a million, Mott šŸ˜€
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