Not easy to grab opportunities.

This is something I wrote about P** ;D

It is not easy to grab opportunities
from P**
Each time I refreshed my screen
I just wanna scream
All I can see are o**s in grey and red
That certaily hurts my head
What happened to all the o**s in white?

Do I have to stay up all night
in order to grab some to write?
Call me crazy
but I really miss P** ;D

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More Assignments

I have been given some assignments from this wonderful advertiser and I really like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to write some reviews. Guess I will be very busy this weekend trying to finish them. Gotta sit down in front of my laptop and start typing away. Luckily my mum is here so she could babysit Ashley. Otherwise, Ashley would want me to play with her and she’ll get upset if I don’t spend much time with her šŸ™
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Hard to please

I get worried and anxious whenever I don’t receive any paid posts. I call it the withdrawal symptoms for me šŸ˜€ However, when I do get the assignments, which coincidently come at the same time, I get anxious again. Anxious that I won’t be able to finish them on time, anxious that I won’t be able to think and write properly…….Really, I am very hard to please šŸ˜€ I think my husband can attest to that ;D
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Grandma is coming…..

My mother will be coming to my place this weekend. Ahhhhh….that is so great. This means that I get to have “ME” time while my mum looks after Ashley. Eventhough she stays in KL, she only comes to my place once every 2 weeks to see her grandchild. Ashley is quite attached to her grandma as my mum would take her out for walks around our apartment a few times a day, play with her and do silly things together.
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Today must be my lucky day šŸ˜€ I have just received an email from ReviewMe. They have approved my blog. Whopidee Doo!!!! I can start to do some reviews for them soon. I submitted my blog a few months ago but was not so lucky then. I tried again yesterday and they replied in less than 24 hours šŸ˜€ Looking forward to doing reviews for ReviewMe.

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Going to the Malls on weekends…

Last Sunday, we decided to go to The Curve. We left around 2.30pm, after Ashley had her nap and lunch. By the time we reached the road leading to The Curve, we could sensed it won’t be easy to find a parking space as the queue was very long. The cars were bumper to bumper and it took us almost 20 minutes to reach the Ikano car park. Another 30 minutes going round to find a parking space. No such luck at all so we left. There was no point circling round and round:(

We decided to try our luck at Bangsar Shopping Centre as we haven’t been there for quite some time. There were many parking space available and we managed to get one. I guess it’s because there isn’t much to see in this mall, unless you like to watch people šŸ˜€ We used to do that last time, just sit at Coffee Bean or Dome and watch those rich people driving up in their big and fancy cars šŸ˜€ Sometimes we could even catch one or two celebrities ;D

The only good thing I saw that day was a Japanese fair at the concourse and I managed to get some Miso paste.

I used the paste for my vegetable soup dinner and it was pretty good. I didn’t buy any seaweeds because they were rather expensive at the fair. After hanging around BSC for an hour, we had early dinner at Deli France. Fed Ashley her food and then we left the place. Guess it’s really very difficult to go to the mall during weekends, especially when the right time for us (2.30pm) means peak hours. *sigh*

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I just received IKEA’s flyer in the mail yesterday. Their SALE is on. From 19th July until 19th August. Yippeee!!!!!!! Also, for those who are IKEA Friends members, there is a special ONE DAY ONLY on 19th July to grab some really good stuff. One of the things that is on sale is the shower curtains at RM15. I just love their quirky and affordable shower curtains. I think I will or probably my husband will go and get them šŸ˜€ Have you all tried IKEA’s curry puffs and cinnamon roll? Yummy!!!! I never fail to buy some whenever I’m there.

BTW, this is NOT a sponsored post ;D

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Tag : The Four Thang

When I was ‘kaypohing’ at other mommies blogs, I saw this tag and wonder when I’ll be tagged šŸ˜€ Ahhhh…then I saw this mommy leaving a comment in my paid posts, asking me to do it and also this mommy has tagged me too;D So, here we go –

Four jobs I have had in my life:
Stenographer at a mining company in Ipoh (2 years)
Secretary at a mailing house in Toronto (3 years)
Head of Admin / Secretary for an engineering consulting firm (9 years)
Maid in OUG (2 years)

Four places I have lived….err…I have only 3 places:
Ipoh (the city famous for beautiful leng luis)
Toronto (the first place away from home)
Kuala Lumpur (the city that never sleeps in Asia)

Four Countries I have been to on vacation:
Canada (does it count??)
Hong Kong

Four of my favourite foods:
Pan Mee in OUG
Curry noodles
All kinds of beancurds

Four places I would rather be right now:
Shopping on Oxford Street
Shopping in Hong Kong (after reading LaundryAmah’s post)
Somewhere by the beach
Chilling with my good friends in Ipoh

Four friends to tag:
Etcetera-etcetera Mommy
Crumbs in Life

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Who Da Boss?

We normally visit my dad at his office once a week. We seldom go to his house because my dad has another family. My parents are separated (that’s why there’s hardly a photo of the grandparents together with Ashley).
As usual, Ashley, the energizer bunny, would run around his office and playing with all the things in the room. Once she is bored with all the running, she would ask my dad to leave his seat. Then she would climb onto his chair and play with the things on the table. My dad would willingly let her climb onto his chair eventhough he is in the midst of doing his work. *tsk tsk tsk* She even uses his calculator as a phone. Below are Ashley in action…..

Sometimes she even rest her legs on the table while sitting on the chair…just like a boss (slaps forehead).

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4am this morning…..

I woke up at around 4am this morning to go to the toilet. Then I went to the kitchen to drink some water. On the way back to my room, I saw my laptop on the table and my hands became itchy. I wanted to turn it on and check if there are any p*id posts to do. Part of me wanted to crawl back to the bed and part of me want to sit in front of my laptop. So what did I do? I turned the laptop on and log on to P**. To my delight, there were some o**s in plain, bright white categories. I quickly grabbed one and start typing away. Yes, at 4am in the morning, I was doing a p*id post. It’s not easy to grab any opps now so gotta try hard šŸ˜€ Took me about 15 minutes to type it and submit. Ahhh……satisfied so I switched off my laptop and go back to bed.

I know, I am insane ;D

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