AirRider Indoor SkyDiving Kuala Lumpur

Missy celebrated her 13th birthday by having some fun adventure with her cousin, Sophie.  They went to AirRider for Indoor Skydiving in One Utama.  A few months ago, we saw this huge banner about indoor skydiving while coming out of the shopping mall.    Missy thought it would be something that she would like to try and so we decided to let her have some fun on her birthday.

It is very easy to register and buy the tickets online.  Just head over to and fill in the number of people who are going, the type of flyers (First time, group, return flyers or experienced flyers) and click Book Now.   Easy peasy lemon squeezy.   You can even buy your tickets at the counter.

All flyers have to be there one hour before the scheduled time so that they can attend a briefing.


Here are the girls with another group of kids waiting for their turn to fly.skydivingAshley’s turn at flying.  It’s thrilling!

Each ticket is for 2 turns at flying.  There is a package deal at AirRider so you can check out which one you are interested in.   So if you want to have some fun and try something new, head over to now.   Ashley can’t wait to go for another round.

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