Ashley loves to…….

  • look at children and scream with delight when she sees them (she does this at the mall and everyone would turn to look at us)
  • point her finger at things that she finds interesting or to where she wants us to take her
  • suck her thumb when she wants to sleep and at the same time uses her left hand to play with my hair
  • watch Barney and Friends on Playhouse Disney and also the vcds that Mika’s Mummy lent us (sorry BG, I haven’t copied them and return the vcds to you. will do it asap)
  • read the “Baby’s First….” books and point out the things that we ask her
  • push her car around because she doesn’t know how to climb onto the car and sit on it
  • look at motorbikes and make a “grrrr” sound whenever she sees one
  • ask for food whenever she sees us eating
  • bite on the remote controls so we try not to let her see them
  • see her own reflection on the glass door
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2 Responses to Ashley loves to…….

  1. mika's mummy says:

    nice to read wht ashley is up to now!! the cds..well take ur time to copy…Mika’s not into Barney now. BORING…that’s what he says abt the purple dinosaur!! silly me will switch on to astro at 8.30am..just to listen to the songs…i love it esp Mr.Sun cos it brings back sweet memories(when Mika’s a baby)…Mika started watching at 9mths old…time flies!!

  2. Jo says:

    pls add one more to the list… ashley likes to bite & pinch yee yee too !!

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