Mid Autumn Festival

I know I’m a bit late to post a blog on this but better late than never. We (hubby, ashley and I) spent our Mid-Autumn Festival at my sister’s condo at Menara Duta II. She organised a potluck gathering with some of the residents at her cafe, Le Duta. There were about 10 children and only 3 are around Ashley’s age. The older children did not play with the younger ones, though. Ashley had a wonderful time running everywhere. It was so tiring running after her too 🙂

Here is a photo of Ashley with her first traditional *tanglung*. I prefer this to the battery-operated ones.

The food was delicious. There were curry chicken, fried beehoon, chee cheong fan, fried wanton, fishball, some other tofu-related fried things, chocolate and butter cakes, agar-agar, red bean dessert and mooncakes, of course.

4 thoughts on “Mid Autumn Festival

  1. HI! I saw your comment fm LaundryAmah that u live in OUG. So do I!!! HA HA HA!!!
    I have three blogs..2 for my sons and 1 for my sanity!! Do drop in whenever!!

    OH! I go to the market almost everyday! I very aunty one!! HAAHAHAHA!!

  2. Mott – Thanks for dropping by. You are the first Mommy blogger to visit my site, apart from my friends 😀 I don’t go to the market everyday as it’s difficult with the princess in tow. Do you do that with your two children? How brave 😀

    Julian – Hi! Hi! I’m sure by next year this time, Raelynne will be running around with a tanglung in her hand. She is sooooo adorable 😀

  3. hi..sorry, i didn’t reply to your comment earlier. i’m staying at hujan gerimis 2.

    2 kids ah? canla…just more screaming only la!! HAHA HA HA HA HA!!

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