The Best Ice Coffee In Melaka

When we were in Malacca about 2 weeks ago, we did not forget to drop by the famous Shan Shu Gong, a shop which sells the local snacks and tidbits.  Inside Shan Shu Gong is a cafe called Lao Qian Cafe which serves the best ice coffee in town.  The ice coffee is prepared differently over here.  First they freeze the glass with crushed ice.  When an order is placed, they will pour the freshly brewed milk coffee into the glass.  One sip (especially on a hot sunny day) and I am in Coffee Heaven.


I am craving for a glass right this minute!  A must-try if you are in Malacca :)  Not only did I eat non-stop while in Malacca, I also drank this ice coffee a few times since we went to Jonker Street twice a day.  I really must detoxify my body.

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