Recycled Gift Wrap

When we were in Mid Valley recently, I stumbled upon their Christmas newsletter.  Oh how I adore them.  The newsletter has a vintage feel to it.  They are free for shoppers to take and I found them at the information booth.  I took 2 pieces home (should have taken more …hehehehhee).


Nice eh?


The inside of the newsletter.  I decided to use one piece for gift-wrapping.  I am keeping the other piece.  So precious!


All wrapped.


As gift topper, I used a piece of crepe paper from China to create a paper flower.  I prefer its texture and thickness.  I also used the YRSNÖ ribbon from Ikea to decorate the gift box.


Here is the gift wrapped with Mid Valley newsletter…all ready for the Christmas party 🙂

A Mewwy Kwismas To All

17 thoughts on “Recycled Gift Wrap

  1. I LOVE the wrapper !! the kinda designs i like. Unfortunately .. all my pressies are wrapped in ‘balloon’ design coz i bought bulk at Mydin.
    Eh.. Ikea used to have newspapers for wrapping fragile items.. last time.. they had this ‘yellow stained’ newspaper.. very good for wrapping too.
    If i go MV.. I’ll look out for newsletter.
    Another thing i love to keep – christmas catalogs from Cold Storage. Pretty !

  2. You are one creative lady Barb, very nice! Is it very tedious and difficult to make the red flower?

    thanks 🙂 it’s very easy to make the paper flower. just accordion fold a few pieces of the crepe paper, tie the center with a string and then unfold the 2 sides of the paper 🙂

  3. Such a creative way to use the newsletter. Normally I would put them away with old newspaper. Now I’ve know I can recycle it this way.

    Btw, your big red flower is also suitable as CNY decoration (I know Christmas is not over yet :P). Wish you and your family a very merry Christmas!

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