Last-Minute Halloween Treats And DIY Halloween Costume

Did a really last-minute treat for missy’s friends in school.  I totally forgot all about it. For the past few years, her old school celebrated Children’s Day at the end of October so I usually prepare some Halloween treats for the kids.   Now that she is in the new school and there is no Children’s Day celebration, it just slipped my mind.

So while on the way home from hub’s aunt’s wake, we went to Watson to check out some candies.  Glad I found some lollipops.  Then I started the DIY Halloween Treats as soon as I reached home.


Chuppa Chups Lollipops IMG_20171030_222415-01

I used tissue papers, black and orange strings and a sharpie to do these Ghostly Lollipop Halloween Treats.  Just something fun for the kids at school.

Last Saturday, I did another DIY Halloween Costume and this time is not for missy as she does not want to dress up this year.  So I did one for the pooch.


I used a headband, a piece of cardboard, cotton, a straw and glue gun for this DIY.


Can you tell what that is?


I dress Buffy up as a Frappucino and she is known as “Buffycino”.  The look on her face is hilarious!


Went to Starbucks to get the green straw for this diy project. Gave her lots of treats for her to pose for the camera.  Happy Halloween!

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  1. Health Freak says:

    You are so creative Barb! I’m just too lazy to do them 😀

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