Old School Coffee At Canning Garden, Ipoh

On our recent trip back to Ipoh, we are glad to discover this cute little cafe next to a Petronas Station.  The name of this cafe is called Old School Coffee.  What’s so special about this cafe is that it’s actually an old school bus. The drinks are made inside the bus by a lone ‘barista’. Customers can sit on the stools facing the bus or at the tables placed next to the school bus.






Besides coffee, there are hotdogs, burgers and nasi lemak being served.   We did not order any food that day, just coffee.  This is my ice-latte for only RM5.  What a steal eh?  The cup is big.  Hubs ordered the local Ais Kopi which I forgot to take a photo.  As the barista uses evaporated milk, I went to the Petronas Station to get a packet of fresh milk for my coffee instead.  I asked him to use that for my Ice Latte because the evaporated milk is sweet and I cannot take that.

If you want a change from the regular Ipoh Old Town white coffee at the local kopitiams or hipster cafes, head over to Old School Coffee in Canning Garden. This cute little bus is parked under a shady tree.  Key in Canning Garden Petronas Station and waze your way there.  A great place to hang out with family and friends.

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