A day at Grandpa’s House.

It was my dad’s birthday on Saturday. We dropped by his house after lunch for a small celebration. Ashley had so much fun running everywhere. She did not stop to rest at all. Climbed onto the sofa, climbed onto the piano chair and played with the piano, ran to the kitchen and played with all the fridge magnets, etc.
She actually had her kung kung wrapped around her fingers šŸ˜‰ First she asked him to take her upstairs.

What did she do upstairs?

Playing with the remote controls in the TV room or

jumping and rolling on her kung kung’s bed.

Then, she asked her kung kung to take her downstairs.

This went on for at least 3 times and her kung kung obeyed the wishes of Her Royal Highness. Geez…he wasn’t that patient with us when we were young šŸ˜€


Finally, we all sang the birthday song and Ashley blew the candles and not my dad šŸ˜€ As usual, my dad had the ice-cream cake which was already melting eventhough it was brought out from the freezer for only 5 minutes. The cake was kinda small actually, but it’s alright cos hubby and I are on a diet….hahhaaha.

Her Royal Highness had some of the cake and then off she went, jumping around in the living room. I thought she would be so tired that she’ll nap in the car on the way home but she didn’t šŸ™ That night, I was so tired that konked out before her.

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