Still paranoid….

This afternoon, we went to our lawyer’s office to sign some documents. The office was located on the 2nd floor of a shop office. As soon as we took the stairs up, Ashley started to cry. She didn’t want to go up but we insisted so hubby carried her eventhough she was struggling to break free. My poor baby thought we were taking her to see the eye specialist whose office was also located in a similar shop office. Guess she is more afraid of doctors after the eye surgery.As soon as we reached the lawyer’s office, she cried more. Then when the lawyer led us into her room, Ashley started to scream and wanted to run out of the room. It was quite a sight. I tried to pacify her and gave her a Barney book. She didn’t want it. Gave her a sticker book. She didn’t want it. Gave her some snacks. She didn’t want it.

So, hubby took out to the lobby but to no avail. In the end, he had to take her out and waited for me downstairs. When I was done, I took over from hubby while he went up to the see the lawyer. Sigh…..I hope she doesn’t have nightmares tonight. I have explained to her each we go to the paed but yet she still cries whenever she sees the doctor. I wonder when she will get over her fear šŸ™
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  1. Mummy to QiQi says:

    dear, could it be yur gal is afraid of the staircase? Is she ok when she visits other places with similar setting? My friend’s son has this problem too. Another way to curb this prob is to change pead lor…..find one which is at the ground floor, with an indoor playground and lots of toys to play with. hehe….u give me an idea today. i shall post how my pead’s clinic look like in my blog.

  2. Nadia says:

    Oh dear, poor Ashley. Hope she gets over it soon. Sigh.

  3. Health Freak Mommy says:

    Ashley is so sensitive. She must have been terrified of her paed, her last jab must have traumatized her. Poor gal.

  4. Mommy to Chumsy says:

    mummy to qi qi – i don’t think it’s the staircase. actually, her paed is located on the ground floor and has lots of toys. it’s the eye doctor that’s on the 1st floor šŸ™‚ she’s just so scared of docs after the eye surgery in april.

    nadia – yeah…i do hope so. i’m just so afraid to take her to the paed and she’s due for her hep A jab already. don’t want to traumatize her further.

    health freak mummy – it’s the eye surgery that caused all these šŸ™

  5. Zara's Mama says:

    Poor girl.. but she has very good memory huh?

  6. Etcetera~Mommy says:

    Sounds like the sty surgery was quite traumatic for her.. I hope she gets over it soon… else susah lor..

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