Kill Ride Horse

The title of my post sounds very gory eh? Actually it’s a direct translation from Cantonese – “Sat Keh Mah“. muhahahahahahahah. I don’t know what it’s called in English. There are famous ones from Bidor but I still find the ones from Ipoh the best. They are soft and not too sweet. My family loves the “sat keh mah“, especially my dad. Whenever he is in town, he would wake up real early and head over to that particular coffee shop in New Town to buy a few packets. They sold out real quickly so got to be there early šŸ˜€ That coffeeshop is situated along the famous row of old shophouses which sell praying paraphernalia. Does anyone know what sat keh mah is called?

Here is how the packet looks like

Ashley enjoying the “sat keh mah”

Whatcha looking at?
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4 Responses to Kill Ride Horse

  1. Blessed mum says:

    Yes! Yes! I loves to eat this and Ipoh’s is the best. Remembered when I was like Ashely’s age, my grandma used to buy a lot of this from Ipoh for me to eat…o! I’m craving for it now.!

  2. karenyiau says:

    I love it too, but also dunno what’s the proper name in English, hehee

  3. Sasha says:

    I Lafu Kill Ride Horse too!

  4. Elaine says:

    My favorite!! come Ashley look so garang. ;D

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