Holidaying Down South

It was a rather last minute decision to make a trip to Singapore for a short break.  We wanted to check out Universal Studios and also for some retail therapy for moi.  I haven’t been to Singapore for like over 30 years so it’s time to go huh?   We stayed at hub’s cousin’s place and he took us around to Orchard Road, Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay and other shopping malls.  Universal Studios was fun and we had a great time.  It rained a bit when we were there but we were already soaked from the Jurassic Park ride so it was ok.  Then the rain stopped after 30 minutes and then after, all the rides only had a waiting period of 10 minutes.

We stayed near a beautiful park called Zhong Shan Park.

The iconic Universal Studios globe

My favourite photo in Far Far Away Land.  Looming dark clouds above the castle.

Gardens by the Bay.  Love the architectural designs.   It was pretty hot when we were there.  Best to go in the morning.

Ashley and her cousin, Sophie 🙂  I love to see them holding hands.  This was taken at Bugis Junction.

Fountain of Wealth at Suntec Mall.

Skyline of the some buildings in Singapore.  This was taken at Marina Bay Sands.

Hardly see the SALES sign at H&M over here but they are all over in Singapore.

Eventhough we went to Orchard Road for shopping, we didn’t get to see the Xmas lights because the kids and the men were tired.  Bummer.  Next time I should travel alone and visit my besties.  That way, there will be no whining about being tired or wanting to go back.  I can shop in peace  *wink*  The malls are the same as the ones in KL.  We have the same type of shops too like Forever 21, H&M, Topshop, Aldo, Cotton On, and more.   The only difference is that there is a sales going on right now.  I haven’t checked out any malls in KL lately so I won’t know if things are cheaper in Singapore or here.  Anyway, it was a nice trip for us just a bit rush.  Wished we spend more time visiting other places like Chinatown, hang around Orchard till sundown or shopped more.

6 thoughts on “Holidaying Down South

  1. Wow, you’ve been going places (interesting places!) this holiday 🙂 You mean there’s no year-end-sales in Msia now? The H&M over here is having sales too and I went there every other day last week haha! It’s “dangerous” to live beside a mall! :p

    P.s. I don’t know whether its my iPad problem or what but your photos always appear overlapped with each other and I can’t see your text clearly (it’s all over the photos). Just let you know…

    1. Hi Hweili,

      Yes it is indeed dangerous to live close to the mall…hahhaa

      Thanks for letting me know about my blog posts. I have viewed it in diff computers and they look ok to me. I tried it on my phone too and there’s no overlapping of photos. Will try from ipad later and see how it is.

  2. We stayed at our friend’s house just a few minutes drive away from Universal Studio @ Sentosa but guess what? We did not visit Universal Studio! The kids and their friends loved the infinity pool and 6-star service from our friends at their house (bungalow in Marina Cove — this area looks like Beverly Hills) that they did not want to go anywhere. They even stayed home to eat homecooked spaghetti that the maids cooked while we adults went out to eat. Guess we will only visit Uni. Studio next year 😀

    1. wow, that is so cool. i bet it’s more relaxing without going out huh? hey, don’t you have a big pool where you are staying too 😉

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