The Star Newspaper Gift Wrapper Part 2

After getting the red Christmas wrapper from The Star as mentioned in my earlier post, they came out with a green version. I used it to wrap another gift and tied it with a red checkered ribbon.  I do not buy wrapping papers anymore.  I have been using kraft paper and plain white ones as I like to do my own design.  The gift would be decorated with washi tapes or a drawing using sharpies.   If you don’t know already, I also like to make my own gift tag using cardboard.   There are many ideas online on how to wrap a gift with recycled material.  Are you inspired to go green with your gift wrap?

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4 Responses to The Star Newspaper Gift Wrapper Part 2

  1. Annie Q says:

    Wow!!! Very nice!! Missed out The Star Christmas wrapping paper, it look very nice . Eh, i didn’t know you can draw very well! I am bad in art.

  2. Angeline says:

    You’re always very creative in this area. I like the green wrapping paper. Is this the newspaper too?

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