Creative Cardboard Display At Mid Valley Megamall

So last weekend, we dropped by Mid Valley to for some shopping and spotted its Beautiful Ocean theme. I was thrilled beyond words to see that their displays were made from cardboards! I’m sure you all know how much I love cardboards. Kudos to the Mid Valley creative team. They are just the best. Below are some of the photos I took.

Beautiful seahorse and sea corals

A school of fish made from corrugated cardboard

Sea corals and nemo fishes

The stage.  I got this photo from Mid Valley’s facebook page.  Look at all the pretty cardboard corals and starfish.

Photo from Shark Savers Facebook Page.  Look at the cardboard prawn!

Simply magical eh?  If there is a chance, I would love to see how Mid Valley’s creative team design another wonderful theme with cardboard.

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