Mirror Lake (Tasik Cermin) In Ipoh

When we went back to Ipoh last weekend, we decided to explore a new place which I have heard of not too long ago.  This place is called The Mirror Lake or Tasik Cermin.  It is located in Simpang Pulai and near the famous Sam Poh Tong Cave.   The Mirror Lake is well hidden inside the limestone caves and has a mysterious vibe.  We had to pass through a quarry in order to reach the mouth of the tunnel.   Walked into the dark tunnel and you can see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  How apt is this idiom?  Once you come out of the tunnel, you will see the lake which is surrounded by the limestone caves.

I was a lil disappointed when I saw the lake because it wasn’t as clear as some of the photos I have seen online.  Perhaps it was due to the dry season.  There were many tourists that day (long weekend) and I couldn’t get a nice view of the seating area looking out to the lake.  I do wonder who built the seating area and look-out point of this lake.


Missy was so excited to see the tunnel.  She wished she could see some bats in there.  I know I will be running helter-skelter if her wish came true.




My mom said the small roundish leaves are known as the Wild Betel Leaves (Daun Kadok) which are used to make Otak Otak (Nyonya Fish Custard)


The tunnel from the lake looking out.  Missy said it reminds her of a scene in Train To Busan.

This hidden gem makes a nice photography setting and those who are looking for some back-to-nature experience.

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2 Responses to Mirror Lake (Tasik Cermin) In Ipoh

  1. JinHuey Tew says:

    Hi pretty , i have read your post this day.
    May i know where is the entrance of Mirror Lake?
    I have checked on the Google but just showing little address that incompletely. May i know that where is the way? The car should parking at and more details?
    Really appreciate and needed your help.
    Thank you!
    Hear you soon.

    • barbara says:


      The entrance is after Sam Poh Tong temple, right beside a factory. You can use Waze to show you the way. Once you turned into that road, just drive straight on till you come to the hill side with some quarry works going on. There is a 2 storey building which looks like a house/office. You will see a pole in front that says No Entry but that’s the way to go into the Mirror Lake. Walk in, pass the house/office, then walk further in to the hill. There is no signage. I think it is better to visit on weekends when there are more people 🙂

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