Decathlon Has Opened At Scott Garden Old Klang Road

My husband is a huge fan of Decathlon.  Do you know that he visits Decathlon store every alternate weekend?  He does not mind driving all the way to Decathlon Bandar Sri Damansara.  We have so many stuff from Decathlon in our house that we can even open a small branch of this sports store.   So far, we have a few tents, camping stuff, running attire, running shoes, pouches, skates, rollers, bags, helmets and much more.  You can check out our camping tent from Decathlon here.

When he found out that they are opening a store near us which is at Scott Garden, Old Klang Road, he was ecstatic.  Every time he passed Scott Garden, he would drive by slowly to see where the store would be located in that building.  When Decathlon finally opened its door on 26th May 2018, he couldn’t wait to visit it.  Here are some of the photos I have taken of the Decathlon Scott Garden branch.



The main entrance


Men’s Running Shop isleIMG_20180527_101517-01

Women’s Running Shop IsleIMG_20180527_101552-01

Camping section which is my husband’s favourite.  He is a camping addict.  Click here to see what he bought last time.

IMG_20180527_101611-01 (1)

This is the entrance to the cafe areaIMG_20180527_101628-01

I was expecting a cafe that serves drinks and food but there was none when we were there.  Maybe it is not opened yet.  I spent some time sitting on the high chairs and watching the huge screen tv.  It is really nice and cozy to relax here while waiting for the spouse to finish shopping.

IMG_20180527_102055-01 (1)

Have you registered as lifetime member? It’s FREE.  Check out the benefits.

There wasn’t any specials or promos on the opening day.  Well, that’s ok because their price is already very affordable.  Hubs put a lot of things in his trolley and just before check out, we realized that we still got to pay GST as it’s not 1st June yet.  So, he quickly put everything back and will come again after 1 June to avoid paying for GST *hehe*  Looks like someone is going to be making lots of trips to Scott Garden from now onwards.

Address :
289, Jalan Klang Lama, The Scott Garden, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

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