A Good Place For Cycling In Kuala Lumpur

If you love cycling, you would know that there aren’t many places where we can actually cycle in Kuala Lumpur.  Honestly, I dare not cycle along the road as there are no specific roads for cyclist although I have seen many cyclists along the highways or inner city roads.

We usually bring missy to the Bukit Jalil Park because the roads are wide and there are no cars inside the park.  However, when she was cycling there last week, a runner told her that she’s not supposed to cycle *roll eyeballs*.  The roads are wide enough to accommodate walkers, runners and cyclists so I think it is absurd that cycling is not allowed. Some people just think they own the park and can simply instruct others not to do this or that. Where else do they expect cyclists to go?  Why doesn’t he try running on the road or highway instead?

Anyway, after that incident, we decided to look for another place to cycle and we stumble upon the Bukit Jalil Stadium.  We were surprised that there is actually a cycling route around the outside of the stadium.  There is also a rubberized route for runners.  We had lots of fun cycling and running and no one is there to tell us what we can or cannot do.


We would still continue to go back to the Bukit Jalil Park to cycle.  At least there are 2 places which we can enjoy some outdoor activities.

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