The Thai Soccer Boys Rescued From Tham Luang Cave

For the past week, I have been glued to Facebook, checking every source for updates on the 12 boys and 1 coach who went missing after a football match.  I was so happy when news broke that all 13 of them were found alive inside the cave, 10 days after they gone missing.

Then comes the bleak news about how they were going to get out of the Tham Luang cave due to floods from the incessant rain.  The whole world was watching and holding their breath.  The last 3 days got everyone praying hard that all of them will be able to come out safely.   Unfortunately, a former Thai navy diver, Saman Kunan died while working to rescue the young soccer team.   He was truly a selfless hero.  The world will never forget his kindness.  My condolences to his wife and father.


On Tuesday night,  the world erupted with joy when the last 4 boys and their coach were out safely.  So were the 3 Navy Seals Divers and doctor who stayed with the boys until all of them were out of the cave.

This is a cute drawing by 2 sisters depicts all those who were involved in the rescue.


Can you see the seal with a halo? That’s Saman Kunan.

My heart swells at the power and beauty of the whole world holding positive thoughts for this rescue. It was an amazing international rescue.  I salute all the people who took part in this treacherous rescue.  This is a powerful lesson of what can be accomplished when everyone works together.  I wish the boys and his coach well and may they get better soon.

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