Wear A Unity Ribbon This Hari Kebangsaan

I have just joined the Movement of Hope *wink*.

When I found out that the Unity Ribbon is available, I made my way to the nearest MyNews.com at Mid Valley and bought a few of these ribbons.   The Unity Ribbon is an initiative by Projek 57,  a social enterprise, non-politcal and non-partisan committed to building unity and hope in Malaysia.   The Unity Ribbon is to promote peace and unity among Malaysians.  According to Projek57’s website, each ribbon represents a hope for Malaysia.

IMG_20180816_184441-01 (1)

They are handmade by Orang Asli youths, university students and volunteers.  50 sen for every ribbon sold goes to the Orang Asli education and empowerment.  How awesome eh?



Each ribbon cost RM2.50 and can be purchased at Mynews.com,  Jaya grocer, Nando’s, Czip Lee Stationery shop or Projek57 online store.  #BersatuTeguh

Proud to be a Malaysian.

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