Hello April

March was a tough month. After a whirlwind of Chinese New Year celebration and family get-togethers, the month of March was a bit anticlimactic.  All of a sudden, I lost my mojo to blog as well as posting on Facebook and Instagram. It is one of those days, well in my case, it was a month. Those creative juices just do not seem to flow.  There are many reasons and triggers as to why it happened. I was stressing over some issues and felt crappy.

Well, this is life. Everyone of us has unique situations we deal with daily. We all have problems and circumstances that might seem common at a first glance. But they are very individual. Our struggles might be classified by the society into “real”, “somewhat difficult” and “first world problems” but that does not mean we are not affected by them.

I am glad that things are better now. I have to remind myself not to sweat the small stuff and to always be grateful. It is ok to feel sad but we have to find out the reason and look for solutions. If you are feeling down or sad often and would like some help overcoming it, please check it out here.

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