How To View Your Old Instagram Stories

I love posting Instagram Stories because it is fast and best of all, I get to play with the Gif.   As you know, the Insta story is only available for 24 hours.  After that, you and your followers won’t be able to see your stories anymore.  So what happens to your stories if you did not save them? Are they lost forever? Where are they stored?

Well, I have just discovered this nifty trick.  You can actually go way back to see all your Insta Stories.  Here is how.

  1.  Go to your Instagram and click on your Profile
  2.   See the little U-turn arrow on the top right corner?

3.  Click the arrow and you will get to see all your previous stories.

Pretty neat eh?

Well, you can also Highlight the stories and keep them in a ‘folder’ on your Profile.  Just go to your Profile again, click on the New button just like how you would post your Insta Story by clicking on Your Story button.  Then you will get to see all your previous stories.  Just click on the ones you want to keep in the Folder.   Amazing!  Give it a try!

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